• Fall undergraduate and graduate enrollment by discipline, gender, ethnicity, residency, country (for undergraduates) and campus.

  • UC doctoral students’ academic progress, skills, participation in professional development, satisfaction with advising and mentorship, sources of financial support, and career aspirations.

  • The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is a biennial survey conducted at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

  • UC is an important contributor to California's K-12 educational system. This dashboard highlights UC's role in educating and training tens of thousands of California public school teachers.

  • This dashboard shows the UC 2030 goals in UC's multiyear framework.

  • UC campuses compare favorably in both the share of Pell grant recipients enrolled and those students’ six year graduation rates when compared to American Association of Universities (AAU) member schools, California State University (CSU) campuses and a selection of other large state university systems.

  • Freshman and transfer retention and graduation rates, time-to-degree, graduation GPA, and units by campus, entry cohort, and demographic. 

  • Proposal and award data for sponsored project funding from federal, state, private and other sources, by year, location and sponsor category, with an option for inflation-adjusted amounts.

  • General campus student-faculty ratio, with the ability to select ladder-rank only.

  • Explore the students who did not complete their UC bachelor's degree.

  • UC doctoral program statistics including admissions, enrollment, financial support, completion rates rates, and alumni outcomes.​