• Historical student enrollment by level and campus dating from UC's inception.

  • This dashboard shows graduate students’ responses to the UCGSES questions related to the effects of COVID-19 on student learning and remote learning experiences.

  • In spring 2021, the UC Systemwide Academic Senate launched the Remote Instruction Survey. This dashboard includes responses from faculty and instructors about their experiences with remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic and thoughts about returning to in-person instruction.

  • In 2020, the UCUES survey added questions related to the possible effects of COVID-19 on student learning, health, and Fall 2020 enrollment plans, as well as student remote learning experiences and remote instruction concerns.

  • Graduate student academic applications, admits, and new enrolls by degree program type, citizenship, gender, ethnicity, and discipline.

  • This dashboard shows the UC 2030 goals in UC's multiyear framework.

  • UC systemwide student survey response and completion rates are presented in this dashboard. The data may be filtered by campus and year, as well several characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, First generation status, Pell status and others related to discipline and student level.

  • The SAPEP portfolio comprises 13 educational programs administered by UC. Their purpose is to raise achievement levels and close achievement gaps among targeted student groups across California public schools, from pre-K to postgraduate.

  • The Natural Reserve System is a library of California ecosystems used for research, teaching, and public outreach. Learn how our protected lands serve as outdoor laboratories and classrooms without walls,  advancing our understanding of the natural world. 

  • NIH COVID-related research activity at the University of California

  • Freshman and transfer retention and graduation rates and time-to-degree by campus, entry cohort, demographic, and source school. 

  • Results from undergraduate and graduate surveys on food insecurity and housing needs.