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    Today's students deserve the same great UC education as previous generations. Let's grow California together.

  • Take a tour of your thoughts with the 'Glass Brain'

    The Glass Brain is kind of like it sounds. It’s a colorful, 3-D window into all the mysterious activities that light up the brain.

  • Can we use Wi-Fi to see through walls?

    We use Wi-Fi to stay connected, but UC's Yasamin Mostofi shows that Wi-Fi can also be used to sense the world around us – even behind walls.

  • The Global Warming Facts You Need to Know

    Climate change facts you need to know

    Under current guidelines, the planet is on target to warm up by 2 degrees Celsius in 2050 and by 4 degrees in 2100, triggering serious large-scale problems by the end of the century. UC San Diego's climate scientist V. Ramanathan accurately predicted this trend back in 1980. He says that if we make an effort to adopt existing technology today, we might be able to change our course on climate.

  • Chemical makes blind mice see

    UC Berkeley

    Neuroscientists have synthesized a chemical that, when injected into the eyes of genetically blind mice, makes their retinas light sensitive.
  • Evidence of recovery in key California commercial real estate markets


    Survey polled industry professionals on how they think the market will change over the coming three years; many developers plan multi-family housing construction in coming months.
  • Attacking biofilms that cause chronic infections

    UC Berkeley

    Using super-resolution microscopy and continuous fluorescent imaging, physicists have revealed the structure of bacterial biofilms, which are responsible for the tenacious nature of bacterial diseases such as cholera and chronic sinusitus.