• UC doctoral program statistics including admissions, enrollment, financial support, completion rates rates, and alumni outcomes.​

  • Graduate degree outcomes of UC graduates and the different post-UC earnings trajectories associated with the graduate degree completed.

  • Undergraduate and graduate summer enrollment, including cross-campus enrollment and breakdown by residency and visitor status.

  • UC technology commercialization benefits the public by transforming UC inventions into innovative products and economic impacts.

  • Graduate student academic applications, admits, and new enrolls by degree program type, citizenship, gender, ethnicity, and discipline.

  • Freshman and transfer retention and graduation rates, time-to-degree, graduation GPA, and units by campus, entry cohort, and demographic. 

  • The types of colleges and most common specific colleges that students admitted to UC end up enrolling.

  • Analysis of CLIMB data on economic mobility by demographic group, graduate degree attainment, household income and charitable contributions.

  • The dashboard shows employment outcomes by major and discipline of UC undergraduate alumni at two, five and ten years after graduation.

  • Enrollees from the California Community Colleges, by year and UC campus.

  • Fall undergraduate and graduate enrollment by discipline, gender, ethnicity, residency, country (for undergraduates) and campus.

  • UC remains dedicated to building a more diverse workforce, particularly those from under-represented racial and ethnic populations in the U.S. A more diverse academic and staff population is an increasingly important measure of a great university.