• UC provides a rich environment for student research. Undergraduate students are engaged in various research activities and their post-graduation aspirations align with pursuing research.

  • ​Five years of sponsored projects are presented for international, federal, state and domestic private sponsors.

  • UC campuses compare favorably in both the share of Pell grant recipients enrolled and those students’ six year graduation rates when compared to American Association of Universities (AAU) member schools, California State University (CSU) campuses and a selection of other large state university systems.

  • UC’s financial aid program keeps the university affordable, with almost half of undergraduate degree recipients graduating without debt. UC undergraduates graduate with less cumulative debt on average than at comparison schools.

  • UC degree recipients go on to work in a wide variety of industries and experience a doubling of salary between 2 and 10 years after graduation.

  • UC continues to be a leading producer of degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within California.

  • University of California Ph.D. recipients report career success and strong satisfaction with their graduate school education, according to a comprehensive survey of alumni from across all 10 UC campuses.