Together, UC and California will open doors to a life-changing college education.

From the beginning, this trusted partnership has served generations of Californians: providing a better future, powering our economy, and lifting up the entire state. Now, this partnership needs to be renewed and strengthened.

UC educates 90,000 more students now than in 2000, but with the same level of state funding. Today's students deserve the same great University of California education as previous generations. It's an investment that benefits us all.

This year, UC is asking that in addition to the 3% general fund increase provided in the Governor's January budget, state legislators provide:

  • $70 million in lieu of 2018-19 Tuition and Student Services Fee Increase. This investment will fund improvements to ensure student success and timely graduation: faculty hiring, academic counseling, student mental health services, graduate student support, and classroom facilities.
  • $25 million to address impacts to students of recent growth. These funds will help address larger class sizes, the student to faculty ratio, and increased demand on student services that are consequences of enrollment growth above state funding in 2015 and 2016.
  • $10 million for additional 2018-19 enrollment growth. To continue access for qualified students, UC requests enrollment growth funding for 500 California undergraduates ($5 million) in addition to the 1,500 California undergraduates UC already plans to enroll. In addition, to help meet the state's workforce needs, support undergraduate instruction, and conduct research, UC requests enrollment growth funding for 500 graduate students ($5 million).
  • $100 million (in one-time funding) for critical classroom, laboratory, and other campus maintenance needs proposed in the Governor’s May Revise. One-time funding to address the most urgent projects on campuses—fixing classrooms, updating labs, and critical infrastructure—from the University's backlog of State-supportable deferred maintenance needs. UC's backlog now exceeds $4 billion and is the third largest among all State agencies.

Please join us in asking state lawmakers to invest in UC.