Among the university’s core funds — those that most directly support our academic mission — state support remains critical.

Recognizing that access to quality higher education is a crucial investment in California’s future, the university and the state have long partnered to provide a high-caliber educational experience for all qualified California students, regardless of social background or financial situation. That partnership has paid off — UC has educated generations of Californians who have contributed to the economic, social and cultural vitality of the state.

While the university is supported by multiple revenue sources, consistent with our diverse operations — including research grants, payments from medical insurance plans, laboratory management fees and such — it is state funds that most directly support our academic mission and ground the university as a whole.

After several years of dramatic cuts in state support during the Great Recession, we have seen relative stability since 2013 thanks to a multiyear funding plan UC established with the governor and support from the California legislature. That plan includes regular annual increases of 4 percent through the 2018-19 fiscal year. In addition, for 2017-18, the state is expected to appropriate $18.5 million to increase our California resident undergraduate enrollment and $169 million in one-time funds toward the university’s retirement program.

To learn more about the UC budget, see the 2017-18 Budget for Current Operations.