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  • Dust blimps

    How dust is holding science back

    To most of us, dust is just something we clean off our furniture; but to scientists, dust can cause big problems in the lab. UC San Diego's Janelle Shane explains how just one of these particles can ruin microscopic components.

  • A video game that teaches you how to code

    A video game that teaches you how to code

    Can video games be an effective teaching tool in the classroom? UC San Diego computer scientist Sarah Guthals believes they can be. With her startup ThoughtSTEM, she’s working with teachers to bring computer science into the K-12 curriculum.

  • Looking behind the kitchen door

    Sit down with Mark Bittman as he brunches with UC Berkeley's Saru Jayaraman to discuss her pioneering work with labor justice and the ongoing movement for change in the national restaurant industry.

  • oyster in shell

    What oysters reveal about sea change

    Head out with ​M​ark Bittman as he braves the elements and cruises along the waters off Marshall, Calif. UC Davis researchers are helping local food producers like Hog Island Oyster Farm monitor the effects of ocean acidification on the marine ecosystem.

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