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  • Can Alaska’s waters be a respite for sick sea stars?

    PBS Newshour

    A deadly disease has been wiping out West Coast sea stars for more than a year. One place that has held off the disease the longest is Alaska. Researchers recently traveled there to search for new clues.

  • The benefits of ugly produce

    UC Research Tumblr

    Misshapen fruits and veggies may look odd, but taste just the same. But merchants commonly throw away anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of produce simply because of the way it looks. Find out more about what UC is doing about food waste and other food issues.

  • Food guru not on hand to preach

    U-T San Diego

    UC Berkeley's Michael Pollan came to San Diego to receive Scripps’ 2014 Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest.


  • Collapsed Cypress structure, Loma Prieta quake, 1989 (USGS)

    Lessons from Loma Prieta

    The devastating Loma Prieta quake was 25 years ago. Richard Allen, professor and director of the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, discusses the lessons we've learned. (USGS photo)

  • Arthur Reingold

    Ebola 101

    An infectious-disease expert at UC Berkeley offers a primer on the deadly Ebola virus.

  • earthquake warning system

    Public officials support Berkeley's earthquake warning system

    Public officials are urging California and the nation to put in place Berkeley Seismology Laboratory's Earthquake Early Warning System.

  • President Obama at UC Irvine commencement

    President Obama at UC Irvine Commencement 2014

    President Barack Obama spoke at UC Irvine's commencement celebration at Angel Stadium.

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Science Today

  • Ebola: What you should know

    UC Irvine Program in Public Health hosts a panel discussion on the virus and its impact on public health, 6-8 p.m. Oct. 27. RSVP required.