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  • Cal-BRAIN selects 16 California research projects for seed grants

    UC San Diego

    Projects will speed development of new brain technologies, or ‘neurotechnologies.’

  • Scientists should advocate for research

    UC Newsroom

    President Napolitano calls on scientists to embrace the role of public intellectual at National Academy of Science meeting.

  • Rebirth of the research university

    Chronicle of Higher Education

    UC Berkeley Chancellor Dirks: There are signs on the higher-ed landscape that research remains a fundamental feature of the university, not one that can be dispensed with on the road to mass delivery of education.

  • Students, campuses in state add saving water to college life

    Los Angeles Times

    California institutions have in many ways been in the vanguard of progressive policies to promote energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Now, in the grip of a severe drought and facing mandatory water restrictions, the state's colleges are under intensified pressure to reduce consumption and ramp up other conservation measures.

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