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  • Berkeley biotech licenses gene-editing tool to new company

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Caribou Biosciences of Berkeley was co-founded by Jennifer Doudna and other scientists who have shaped the gene-editing technology known as Crispr-Cas9.

  • Wearable device detects pollution to build air quality maps in real time


    Keychain-sized gadget, devised by several UC Berkeley students, lets you constantly track exposure to air pollution via a smartphone app. But it’s also a way of crowdsourcing much broader studies on air quality.

  • A battle for UC's soul

    Los Angeles Times

    Editorial: Under the Master Plan for Higher Education, the University of California was to be the jewel in the tripartite crown — a world-class research university system. UC has lived up to the vision. But state funding has fallen short.

Press Releases


  • UC Riverside campus

    UC Riverside: a university on the move

    Growth — in faculty, students and scope — lies ahead, says Chancellor Kim Wilcox.

  • Collapsed Cypress structure, Loma Prieta quake, 1989 (USGS)

    Lessons from Loma Prieta

    The devastating Loma Prieta quake was 25 years ago. Richard Allen, professor and director of the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, discusses the lessons we've learned. (USGS photo)

  • Arthur Reingold

    Ebola 101

    An infectious-disease expert at UC Berkeley offers a primer on the deadly Ebola virus.

  • earthquake warning system

    Public officials support Berkeley's earthquake warning system

    Public officials are urging California and the nation to put in place Berkeley Seismology Laboratory's Earthquake Early Warning System.

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