How a matchmaking algorithm saved lives

How a matchmaking algorithm saved lives

Long before dating sites, a pair of economists delved into the question of matchmaking, and hit upon a formula with applications far beyond romance.

Nanowire laser UC Berkeley

Lasers produced by UC scientists bring light-speed data one step closer

Nanowire innovation illuminates the promise of electronics combined with light.

UC Riverside hackathon winners

'Uber for Tutors' helps students learn on demand

Two UC Riverside undergrads who won world's largest education hackathon debut their app on Apple and Google stores.

Memory reward study UC Davis

Memory replay prioritizes high-reward experiences

UC Davis neuroscientists find that we recall events better when they are associated with a reward.

UC Irvine sea levels

Decade of rising seas slowed by land soaking up extra water, study finds

Scientists at UC Irvine and NASA provide the first measurements of how the earth's absorption of liquid is — temporarily — depressing sea levels around the world.

UC Merced Keck Award Munoz

Prestigious Keck Award granted to UC Merced bioengineer

Professor Victor Muñoz wins highly competitive $1 million prize for biomedical research, the campus's first.

UC Santa Barbara Alzheimer's book

The brain game

A new book by UC Santa Barbara's Kenneth S. Kosik offers strategies for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Worldwide bee epidemic linked to human cause: colony trafficking

A UC Berkeley finding suggests that the pandemic is manmade, with trade and transport of bees for crop pollination driving the spread.

Sighing study UCLA

UCLA scientists find out where the brain makes sighs and why

The discovery of the origin and function of sighing could benefit patients with breathing problems.

Gender gap in STEM UC Santa Barbara

The STEM gender gap is not where you think

A UC Santa Barbara professor seeks to explain why certain countries are more likely to see women in STEM than others.

GPS accuracy

GPS accuracy down to the centimeter from UC Riverside

Technology will be used for high precision positioning in mobile devices, autonomous vehicles and related applications.

UC San Francisco brain structure study

Mothers may pass brain structure linked to depression to daughters

A UC San Franciso study is the first to show that emotional circuitry may be matrilineally transmitted.

Modern Farmer strawberry fields

Strawberries and pesticides: how California's farmers are looking for new solutions

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz are pioneering new methods to grow strawberries without pesticides.

Study links sleeplessness and false confessions

UC Irvine researcher finds that interrogations during normal sleep hours can result in misleading information.

UC San Francisco IVF

UC San Francisco discovery may boost in vitro fertilization outcomes

Researchers identify a fertility indicator that could lead to less invasive egg testing.

Citrus greening disease studied by UC Riverside

Uncoding a citrus tree killer

UC Riverside-led team awarded $4 million grant to fight disease using CRISPR technology developed at UC Berkeley.

Flint River, Michigan UC Merced editorial

How racial segregation and political mismanagement led to Flint’s shocking crisis

A UC Merced professor outlines the ways in which the Flint crisis could have been prevented.

UC San Diego 3-D liver printing

UC San Diego lab 3-D prints functioning liver tissue

New model derived from stem cells could make drug development faster and more cost-effective.

UCLA gymnast slips in hip-hop moves, and the crowd goes wild

Sophina DeJesus's floor routine has become an Internet sensation.

Shinkendo UCLA

Psychiatrist finds balance on a blade’s edge

When he's not researching schizophrenia, UCLA's Dr. Joseph Pierre is mastering the practice of Shinkendo.