Exoskeleton UC Berkeley startup

The rise of UC's startup culture

New Bay Area Council report highlights UC's mammoth economic contribution to the state of California.

Usain Bolt UC Davis

Calculating how fast Usain Bolt can run

Just how speedy is the Jamaican gold medalist? UC mathematicians go to work.

UCLA clemency students

UCLA law students win clemency for man serving life sentence for nonviolent drug offense

President Obama commutes sentence based on a petition developed by students.

UC Berkeley tea health benefits

The health benefits of tea

Learn how different teas affect your well-being via this UC Berkeley infographic.

UC Irvine: Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

New research suggests social pressure exaggerates our fears about unsupervised children.

UC Berkeley Levandowski

How a robot lover pioneered the driverless car, and why he's selling his latest to Uber

Inventor of the first self-driving car to hit public roads, this UC Berkeley alum gets ever close to automotive automation.

Anthony Ervin Olympics winner

UC Olympians strike gold in Rio

UC-affiliated athletes win 18 gold medals at 2016 Summer Olympics, more than all but four nations.

Scientific American maker UC Riverside LBNL

Maker movement turns scientists into tinkerers

UC Riverside and Berkeley Lab researchers speed up science by creating 3-D printed tools.

Brandon Chuang UC Berkeley

Berkeley-bound scholar rises from the depths of schizophrenia

Brandon Chuang takes the mental disease he will be studying very personally.

UCSF Opioid pills

Researchers develop safer opioid painkiller from scratch

New compound, tested in mice, could reduce overdoses and possibly curb addiction.

UC Davis pregnant

A pregnant woman’s immune response could lead to brain disorders in her kids

New studies cast light on a process that may trigger autism, schizophrenia, and more.

UC Davis via The Conversation
UC Berkeley Ford Fusion

Meet the 4 startups helping Ford develop a robo-taxi by 2021

A UC Berkeley Skydeck-incubated company partners with the auto giant.

UC Berkeley climate

Warming world may put most cities off-limits for summer Olympics

Scientists project only three cities in North America could host the games by 2085.

Five Points Solar Farm

Largest university solar power project pushes UC toward carbon neutrality

New installation in Fresno County will supply roughly 14 percent of UC's total electricity usage.

UC ANR mosquito

UC leads Zika carrier research

Scientists aren't waiting for the first breakout to ready the state against disease.

UC Irvine diabetes

Needles not needed

A professor pursues an approach to diabetes that would make daily injections obsolete.

UC Berkeley Zinca

How search-and-rescue dogs find you

A neuroscientist on the olfactory secrets that transform certain animals into superior trackers.

UC Merced changing the world

To 'change the world,' UC researchers start writing

UC Merced helps faculty bridge the gap between academic journals and mass media.

UCLA Latino

Latinos age slower than other ethnicities, UCLA study shows

Slower aging rate helps neutralize health risks related to obesity and inflammation.

UC San Diego reef sharks

Why sharks need a new soundtrack

Scary sharks may be box-office hits, but a study shows ominous music could be harming conservation efforts.