lush lawn, UC Riverside

Universities have ideas on how cities will meet water-rationing mandates

California's college campuses are like mini-cities, and are on the leading edge of water conservation.
UC Riverside via The Conversation

President bestows awards for student leadership

Honors go to a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego and UC Riverside students operating a free health clinic.

UC Davis students compete for Iron Brew title

Four Aggies turned in beer for their final, and it won them top honors.
California two-spot octopus hatchling

Octopus skin 'sees' without eyes

A new study demonstrates that an octopus’s skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do.

UC medical centers rated high-performing hospitals by U.S. News

Four University of California medical centers are rated as high-performing in several common procedures in new rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

What UC Merced’s class of 2015 says about California's future

Chancellor Leland: The Golden State invested in a world-class campus in the Central Valley. Why give up on it now?
Screen shot, 'Of Kings and Prophets'

ABC picks up TV series developed by Riverside scholars

Reza Aslan is executive producer of Biblical production 'Of Kings and Prophets'; Robin Russin is script consultant.
President Napolitano and Santa Ana HS student

Napolitano brings college-going message to the halls of Santa Ana High

Inspiration and practical message shows students how to make attending UC a reality.
oar sits atop parched earth

How climate change is making California’s epic drought worse

Studies suggest that climate change might give rise to a new climate regime, one in which the years of low precipitation will be accompanied by warm conditions.
UC Santa Barbara via The Conversation
dried body of water

California’s water paradox: why enough will never be enough

We are a land-rich but water-limited state, and increased supply leads to more demand.

Alcoholism drug appears to work for meth addiction

Researchers testing effectiveness of Naltrexone: 'Results were about as good as you could hope for.'
couple strolls through forest

Awe brings out the best in us

The sense of something greater than the self encourages cooperative behavior.

UC to Congress: Federal financial aid helps keep college affordable

Pell Grants and federal student loans are vital to UC’s success in enrolling and graduating significant numbers of low-income and first-generation students.
woman preparing for mammogram

Women with dense breasts may not need more screening

Routine mammograms will suffice for many women unless they are at high risk of developing cancer.
pregnant woman

Moms' obesity compromises babies’ immune system at birth

Study reveals potential links between changes in a baby’s immune system and increased susceptibility and occurrence of diseases later in life.
credit cards (iStock)

Neuroscience helps explain American households’ $12 trillion debt

Op-ed: Psychiatrist explains how consumerist culture has warped Americans’ brains into reckless spending.
Children dancing to Gangnam Style

'Twinkletoes' kids aren't breaking a sweat

Most youth dance classes — from ballet to hip hop — score lower than expected in physical activity.
field of opium poppies

Key to homebrewed drugs unleashes call for regulation

Sugar-fed yeast — long used for homebrewed alcohol — can yield drugs ranging from antibiotics to morphine. That may be where the government draws the line.
Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was not a plagiarist

Joseph Bristow delves into Wilde’s obsession with obscure poet Thomas Chatterton, deems 'notebook' his original work.
students serving food

UC focuses on student food security

UC campuses this spring are surveying students to assess the scope of food security issues, implementing short-term relief where needed and exploring long-term solutions that address student nutrition — UC regents to discuss food security May 21.