Welcome to UC!

Congratulations to our newly admitted University of California students!

Curing cancer, one tax return at a time

Check a box and fund two UC-administered cancer research projects — one helping young women preserve fertility and sexual health, the other creating a safer, more effective tool for early detection of lung cancer.

The compassion effect: How social activism is changing everything

Doing well by doing good is increasingly the go-to strategy for everything from marketing to entertainment — driven by millennials, the world’s first digital generation.
David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay

True colors: Hollywood’s diversity dilemma

The country has never been so diverse — but not so in Hollywood. The numbers of nonwhite and female actors and others in the entertainment industry remain distressingly low.
Peacock spider

Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus, new peacock spiders

A few new species of these colorful, dancing spiders have been found in eastern Australia; a UC Berkeley grad student discovered and named some of them.

UC's role in cancer documentary

UCSF chancellors emeriti J. Michael Bishop and Susan Desmond-Hellmann, and UCLA cancer researcher Dennis Slamon will appear in a Ken Burns-produced PBS documentary, “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies." The three-part film premieres March 30.
UC Davis match day

Medical students celebrate Match Day

On March 20, more than 650 UC medical students were among the nearly 17,000 seniors at traditional U.S. medical schools who learned where they were matched for their residencies.
wax cylinder (early audio recording)

Speaking in the vernacular

Library of Congress adds Vernacular Wax Cylinder Recordings collection to the National Recording Registry.

UCSF to study benefits of personal approach to breast cancer screening

Research team has won a five-year, $14.1 million award to investigate whether a personalized approach to breast cancer screening is as safe and effective as annual mammograms.
Delta smelt

New funding for endangered Delta smelt 'refuge'

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation awards nearly $2.5 million per year for four years for UC Davis lab's work for the species.

UC Global Food Initiative: Healing hunger, nurturing nutrition

How UC is playing a pivotal role in food, its cultivation and feeding the world.

The science of folding clothes

UC Berkeley-engineered robot gets the laundry down pat.

Wandering Jupiter cleared path for our unusual solar system

Scientists say the red giant swept clear the inner solar system, resulting in the formation of a planetary system unlike any other astronomers have yet found.

Jack Peltason, emeritus chancellor and president, 1923-2015

Founding faculty member and second chancellor at UC Irvine never lost interest in learning.
Honda Smart House

The house of the future? It's a Honda

UC Davis hosts — with an assist from the car maker — a house that takes green living to a whole new level.
Janet Napolitano, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Sam Hawgood

U.S. health secretary lauds promise of ‘precision medicine’

Researchers at UCSF Medical Center may have a potential ally in the White House, as they develop targeted therapies for diseases like cancer.

Love national parks? Thank UC Berkeley

A century ago, Cal alumni had a major influence on both launching and maintaining the National Park system.

UC extends discounted tuition to military veterans

Military veterans and their dependents who are UC students will be able to pay lower in-state tuition even if they otherwise are not eligible.

Altering brain chemistry makes us more sensitive to inequality

What if there were a pill that made you more compassionate and more likely to help someone less fortunate? That's not so far-fetched.

UC San Diego creates its own 'Kickstarter'

The campus has joined the floodtide of universities that have created their own online crowdfunding sites, a move that’s bringing in money for projects as different as electric car research and renovating a baseball park.