30 Under 30

Global Food Initiative 30 Under 30 Awards announced

Inaugural award program recognizes young leaders making outstanding contributions in the fight to solve the global food crisis.

UC Riverside Student Regent

Speaking for scholars

UC's 42nd student regent, a doctoral student at UC Riverside, talks goals for her tenure.

Bionic enzyme Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab creates reactions never before possible

A new way of creating molecules that form modern chemicals may be on the horizon.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
UC Merced Himalayas

What ancient DNA tells us about the Himalayas

UC Merced leads genomic research in one of the world's most understudied regions.

GFI 30 Under 30 school farm

Connecting farms to schools

Global Food Initiative 30 Under 30 winner teams with Ventura County farmer to launch school farm.

UCSF wine atrial fibrillation

Greater alcohol use may reduce heart attacks, increase atrial fibrillation

UCSF researchers compare "wet" and "dry" counties in Texas.

Berkeley Law transcript article

Entrepreneurship: Open for business at Berkeley Law

The UC Berkeley-Silicon Valley connection is fostering the next generation of startup lawyers.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory time travel

Pear-shaped nuclei discovery challenges time travel hopes

New research confirmed by Lawrence Livermore National Lab may mean a rewrite for physics textbooks.

UCLA vaping

E-cigarette vapors could be toxic to oral cavity, UCLA study finds

Researchers find that vapors kill cells in the mouth, which could lead to health problems.

UC Santa Cruz game winners

UC Santa Cruz team wins game design competition at E3

Winning entry focuses on promoting positive social connection for people age 50 and older.

A UC Irvine poll found that water polo goalies experienced more concussions than other players, especially during practice sessions.

Concussions prevalent in water polo, first-of-kind survey finds

UC Irvine study points to need for more head protection during practice, further research.

UC San Diego neurons

Human brain houses diverse populations of neurons, new research shows

UC San Diego isolates 16 subtypes that could help identify disorders from Alzheimer's to depression.

UC Berkeley Hubble

‘Dark vortex’ confirmed on Neptune

UC Berkeley astronomers use the Hubble Space Telescope to study our distant neighbor's cloud convection.

UCLA heart model

Cutting-edge model of the heart will help scientists study new therapies

UCLA team that included William Klug shows the electrophysiology of heart failure.

UC Global Food Initiative 30 Under 30 winner Katie Stagliano (center) founded Katie's Krops as a 9-year-old.

30 Under 30: The girl who wants to end hunger

Katie's Krops founder Katie Stagliano is the youngest among the UC Global Food Initiative's 30 Under 30 winners.

UC Riverside Asian American businesses

Asian-owned firms growing faster, generating higher revenues

UC Riverside analysis finds businesses play outsized role in national, state and inland economies.

UC Davis food thumbnail

Students compete to design the next great food craze

UC Davis food science students foster entrepreneurial skills.

UCLA recruiting Prop 209

How UCLA is boosting campus diversity, despite the ban on affirmative action

Aggressive, early recruiting is helping the campus increase its enrollment of underrepresented students.

UC San Diego earthquake testing

UC San Diego conducts first-of-its-kind seismic testing on 6-story building

Simulated temblors to go as high as the 2010 8.8-magnitude quake in Chile.

Katherine Whittaker Ferrara, distinguished professor of biomedical engineering

4 innovative women engineers tell their stories

Celebrate National Women in Engineering Day with UC Davis faculty.