human spine and pelvis

Bone-building protein stimulates bone stem cells

Study results could mean good news for people with osteoporosis or those with traumatic bone injuries.
girl with pennies

Why are some children more giving than others?

A new study finds the answer may lie with family income.
elegant terns on the beach

Why have the seabirds gone?

Warming waters and fishing pressure are driving nesting seabirds away from their ancestral breeding ground in the Gulf of California into northern harbors.
newlywed men hold hands

Williams Institute research played role in same-sex marriage decision

U.S. Supreme Court cites research by senior researcher.
Tom Stutz

Turning the tables on cancer

A new class of immunotherapies is enlisting the body's own immune system to fight cancer.
Recent graduate Katie Slocum turned her love of coffee into an award-winning senior thesis that examined the supply chain of coffee beans from Honduras to the United States.

Coffee, from farm to cup

UC Santa Cruz anthropology student traces java's route from Central America to California for senior thesis.
moms and baby

Researchers launch landmark study of LGBTQ health

Framingham heart health study inspired efforts to track LGBTQ health trends.
women exercising

One-quarter of California adults are obese

In just 14 years, the percentage of obese Californians is up from one-fifth.

Undergraduate discovers new firefly species

Discovery is among a few little-seen firefly species found in Southern California.

A simple smile can help curb racial bias

Study, co-authored by a UC Berkeley professor, suggests that smiling at or sharing a positive moment with someone of another race can have a big impact on others.

Californians forgetting economics of higher education

Another state budget, accompanied by an eight-month-long controversy over UC, demonstrated once again that we Californians don’t have a clue about what our public universities mean to the state.
U-T San Diego

Minority children underrepresented in special ed

Findings contradict prior research, public perception, and federal legislation and policies.
fertilizer boxes at marijuana grow site

Environment takes big hit from water-intensive marijuana cultivation

Irrigation, pest control and garbage take heavy toll on drought-stressed watershed areas.
silhouetted students

A visionary, a genius, and the human genome

In 2000, two dogged researchers defied the odds to become the first in the world to assemble the DNA sequence of the human genome.
wildflowers at Owens Peak

California’s wildflowers losing diversity in face of warmer, drier winters

Similar trends have been found in other Mediterranean environments, such as those of southern Europe.

UC among top colleges producing Latino graduates in STEM fields

Berkeley, Davis and Irvine dominate top five schools awarding doctoral degrees to Latino students.
science illustration

Science interrupted

Young investigators must sideline science to compete for scarce funding.

New technology stores solar energy for weeks, not microseconds

New design, inspired by the way plants generate energy through photosynthesis, could be a game-changer in how solar cells are designed.
blindfolded woman

Humans’ built-in GPS is our 3-D sense of smell

Our brains are wired to convert smells into spatial information, allowing us to navigate territory by following one's nose.