What would it take to end California’s drought?

While Californians look forward to the prospect of a rainy El Niño, researchers fear it may signal the end of momentum on water reforms.

hand holding petri dish

DNA guides 3-D printing of human tissue

Technique produces tiny models of human tissue, or ‘organoids,’ that can be used in cancer research and drug screening.

young men examine small tech device

UC campuses ranked high for entrepreneurship named five UC campuses to its top 50 Most Entrepreneurial Schools in America.

sunlight through hands

Soak it up

New solar cells absorb high-energy light at 30 times the concentration of conventional cells.

Mark Pollock

Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs

Robotic step training and noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps.

man with CPAP machine

First evidence of how obstructive sleep apnea damages the brain

The disorder contributes to a breakdown of the blood–brain barrier, which protects brain tissue.

student with magnetic field armband prototype

Magnetic fields provide a new way to communicate wirelessly

New technique could pave the way for ultra low power and high-security wireless communication systems.

Janet Napolitano on the Tavis Smiley Show

Tavis Smiley interviews President Napolitano

President Napolitano joins Tavis Smiley to discuss higher education, national security and more. Tune in on your local PBS station tonight, or watch online starting Sept. 2.

red-footed booby amid plasict

Virtually all seabirds have eaten plastic

Thanks to its prevalence as garbage in the ocean, plastics have been ingested by 90 percent of individual seabirds now living.

Tracy's clarkia

Hunting for green treasure

Citizen scientists are joining botanists to find and measure California's plant diversity.

Deflecting asteroids: fact or fiction?

Solar laser beams will push that deadly space rock out of a collision course with Earth: It sounds far-fetched, but it may be closer to reality than one might think.

pensive elderly woman

More than 750,000 elderly Californians ‘unofficially’ poor

1 in 5 older adults have incomes above the federal poverty level, but still struggle to pay their expenses.

man sleeping

Sleep deprived? Expect to get sick too

Short sleepers are four times more likely to catch a cold, suggesting a rested immune system works better.

family dinner

The shifting concept of 'home'

New book examines how conventional nuclear-family-in-suburbia model has evolved into unique ‘lifespaces’ in 21st century America.

Andrew Goldstein works in lab

New crusade for anti-bullying advocate

Story of the friendship between a stem cell scientist and a young athlete — and a message of encouragement for LGBT youth — is featured on ESPN.

man with tablet

A teaching moment in the Ashley Madison hack

Why did people make their personal information so easily available to a company that facilitates cheating?


High-tech project will restore recorded Native American voices

Cutting-edge optical scanning technique developed by the Berkeley Lab promises to revitalize these old, fragile recordings. 

vial of blood labeled HIV test

HIV particles don't cause AIDS — our own immune cells do

Virus turns host immune cells into suicide machines, using them to spread the virus and cause the progression from infection to disease.

NIH grants to help turn discoveries into medical advances

UC Irvine, UC San Diego receive renewed Clinical and Translational Science Awards.