UC system Class of 2020

Meet the Class of 2020

As classes begin this week on most UC campuses, the university is welcoming its largest and most diverse class ever — and also its most accomplished.

Mother's milk

The benefits of mother's milk

Breast milk can help protect premature babies, infants and moms as well.

Improving childhood health

Berkeley, Davis, Irvine campuses to participate in major federal effort to understand impact of maternal experience, environmental factors on childhood health.

UC Davis phone wine

Wine industry leaders optimistic as millennials opt for premium wines

It turns out young people are willing to trade in beer cans for a glass of wine.

Methyl bromide has been used by growers since the 1970s to control soil pathogens, weeds and nematodes. Pictured are pathogen-infected plants in a buffer zone where fumigants can't be applied.

Pesticide predicament for California's strawberry growers

UC Santa Cruz professor examines industry's challenges as heavily used methyl bromide is phased out.

How parenting changes UC Irvine

How parenting has improved since the '60s

Almost all surveyed Western nations show an increase in child care time spent by both parents.

UC San Diego loneliness study

Feeling lonely? Study says it's in your DNA

Research finds loneliness is hereditary, part of a biological warning system for our social health.

Back to the roots UC

How do you grow an entrepreneur?

UC startup Back to the Roots offers a master class.

UC Merced professor Clarissa Nobile (left) works on biofilm research.

Research breakthrough could help diagnose, treat biofilm infections

UC Merced professor is on cutting edge of new field of research.

UC Irvine first-generation faculty

First-generation faculty welcome UC freshmen

Professors who were once first-generation students themselves show what's possible for UC students.

UCLA mindfulness kids

Mindfulness helps children as young as 3 manage their emotions during school

An innovative new program is helping students deal with stress and focus on schoolwork.

UC Riverside inclusion works

Disabilities, hidden or not, bring benefits to a workplace

UC Riverside celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October by showing that '#InclusionWorks.'

UC Pell Grants

Students and UC leaders urge Congress to restore year-round Pell Grants

UC pushes for extended aid in the federal spending bill in order to help students graduate faster and at a lower cost.

Zulmira T. (left) watches as her son Kobe B. (yellow shirt) expresses his delight in seeing Dr. Emma Simmons. Alfonso Guzman, a licensed vocation nurse assigned to Kobe B., is seen on the right.

Providing access

Clinic offers top quality health care to developmentally disabled adults and much relief for their families.

UC Berkeley gasoline

Addicted to oil: US gasoline consumption is higher than ever

Many people thought U.S. gasoline consumption had already peaked. They were wrong. What happened?

Quinonez MacArthur

4 UC alums win MacArthur 'genius' grants

The prestigious awards will support their creative endeavors in the arts and sciences over the next four years.

Ecologist Chelsea Rochman found plastic and fibrous debris in 25 percent of the fish sold in Indonesian and California markets.

How plastic ends up in our seafood and what you can do about it

The surprising ways that you may be contributing to plastic pollution.

UC Times Higher Education rankings

UC system at the top of the world in new rankings

Times Higher Education rates eight UC campuses among the globe's best, with UC Berkeley in the top 10.

UC Davis VW

Volkswagen scandal fundamentally changed financial markets

Where the car company suffered the small investor now benefits, a new study finds.

UC Riverside jerk research

Are you a jerk? Take the quiz

These 5 simple questions developed by a philosopher will help you figure out where you stand.