Visualization of Florence Duomo

Florentine 'patient' gets high-tech physical

Two doctoral students travel to Italy to assess the structural condition of one of Florence's landmarks, the Baptistery of St. John.

UC leads nation in NIH biomedical research funds

The UC system received more than $1.8 billion in 2014 contract and grant funding from NIH, supporting high-caliber biomedical research that is driving advances in science and breakthroughs in health.
UC San Francisco and UC Newsroom

Transcending borders through education

UC San Diego is one of several U.S. and Mexican institutions of higher education to launch the CaliBaja Consortium for Higher Education with the goal of becoming a leader in cross-border education by 2020.
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe research provides new insights on global change

Scripps scientists reveal how nitrogen is recycled in the ecosystem’s food web.
doctor, patient, nurse (iStock)

Income inequality is taking a toll on the health of American workers

It's not just low wages. Study by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health points out another disturbing impact of income inequality: its effect on people’s health.
geyser field

Why do geysers erupt? Loops in their plumbing

Studies of geysers in Chile and Yellowstone National Park reveal why geysers erupt periodically: the loops and bends in their plumbing.

Increased risk from toxoplasmosis

Additional strains of the parasite — and the disease it transmits — prove a greater risk even to those with healthy immune systems.
deep space

A solution to puzzle of the origin of matter in the universe

Most of the laws of nature treat particles and antiparticles equally, but stars and planets are made of particles, or matter, and not antiparticles, or antimatter. That asymmetry puzzled scientists for many years.

Ocean acidification threatens coastal communities across the U.S.

Shellfish industry — especially mollusks — is at long-term risk in 15 states.

Breaking barriers to cross-border study

University leaders from Baja California, San Diego forge long- and short-term collaborations.
Roger Walsh

Making the most of life

Feeling blue? Anxious? Fatigued? Roger Walsh offers ‘Eight Ways to Wellbeing.’

The bystander effect: Why crowds ignore people in peril

UC Irvine's Kristen Monroe and others examine the factors that drive people to help or to turn a blind eye.

Napolitano urges ‘passionate conversation’ on higher education

In USC's 37th annual Pullias Lecture, the University of California president puts tuition in a wider context of the state system’s tradition of innovation.

Sloan fellowships go to early-career UC researchers

Sloan Research Fellowships recognize outstanding early-career scientists in eight fields.
Ben Halpern

Food from the sea

Research summit aims to inspire UC-wide collaborations around fisheries and aquaculture

Lunar New Year origins, customs explained

UC Irvine expert explains the history behind celebrations of the Asian holiday.

Science behind the faces of meth

Images of crystal meth addicts show clearly how the drug drastically alters a person's appearance. Now, Daniele Piomelli and others at UC Irvine have discovered how the drug affects the body's cells to speed up aging.
Cold Shoulder vest

Want to lose weight? Just chill

Most people trying to lose weight would expect to break a sweat, but a UC Irvine researcher has a different idea. In fact, he recommends chilling out... literally.
Charles 'Chuck' Feeney

UCSF receives $100M gift

Philanthropist Chuck Feeney's gift — which makes him the UC system's single largest donor — will support new Mission Bay hospitals, scholarships, faculty and research programs.