graduate students

UC grad students deliver solutions, startups

At advocacy day in Sacramento, students share research on a wide range of issues to highlight the benefits their work brings to the state.
Worker prepares world’s first algae surfboard

Surfing into a greener future

UC San Diego biology and chemistry students produce the world’s first algae-based, sustainable surfboard.
Sama Ahmed, UCSF

UC Grad Slam tests scholars' communication skills

Contest challenges students to amaze and enlighten the public before the three-minute buzzer sounds.

Lessons from the fields

Pioneering UC research connects the dots between health and exposure to agricultural chemicals.
space junk illustration

Zapping away space junk

A solution right out of sci-fi: shooting space debris with a laser mounted on the International Space Station.
shock wave, Sausage galaxy cluster

Cosmic collisions wake up snoozing galaxies

When galaxy clusters collide, the resulting shockwave can “wake up” these dormant galaxies and drive a new generation of star formation.

Sugary drinks boost risk factors for heart disease

Even limited amounts of high-fructose corn syrup are shown to increase risk.

Students, campuses in state add saving water to college life

California institutions have in many ways been in the vanguard of progressive policies to promote energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Now, in the grip of a severe drought and facing mandatory water restrictions, the state's colleges are under intensified pressure to reduce consumption and ramp up other conservation measures.
NASA photo illustration

Is there life out there? UC researchers aim to find out

NASA's quest to search for life on planets outside our solar system will be guided by experts from UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz, among others.

President Napolitano among new members of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Academy's Class of 2015 includes 22 members from across the UC system.

UC Irvine student uses art to inspire climate activism

37 students are awarded fellowships to work on projects that support UC's Carbon Neutrality Initiative.
UC President Janet Napolitano's listens to UC Global Food Initiative student fellows discuss their projects at Masumoto Family Farm in Del Rey.

UC students tour peach farm, meet with President Napolitano

UC Global Food Initiative student fellows gathered near Fresno to dig into the soil, thin fruiting peach trees and discuss the initiative with UC President Janet Napolitano.
woman looking into refrigerator

Overnight fasting may reduce breast cancer risk

Women who forgo nocturnal dining also appear to lower their risk of diabetes.

Is that pill really what it's supposed to be?

Report calls for improved detection, data collection, analysis to combat 'pandemic' of counterfeit medications.

UC extends Global Food Initiative student fellowship program

UCOP will continue to fund three fellowships per campus, with the amount increasing to $4,000 for each fellowship, to support student-generated research, related projects or internships that focus on food issues.
David Higgins

Turning back the clock on Parkinson’s

The Movement Disorder Center at UC San Diego is investigating ways of earlier diagnosis of Parkinson's and other progressive diseases.
Jennifer Doudna and Lorenz Mayr

Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna among Time magazine’s 100 most influential people

Doudna has received numerous honors and awards for her discovery of a revolutionary DNA-editing technique that has upended the world of genetics.

4 UC campuses ranked in Princeton Review’s top 50 green colleges

UC Santa Barbara, ranked third, along with UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis among top sustainable campuses.

UC launches online Information Center

Interactive data allows the public to explore a wide range of topics related to UC.
surfer, UCSB

Surf and smarts

Hang ten and a 4.0? Set your sights on UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz — among The Inertia's top academic surf schools.