Regents approve long-term stability plan for tuition and financial aid

Plan is intended to help end annual 'feast or famine' budget cycle in which tuition rises and falls in relation to state funding.

$100 million to lead program to predict, prevent pandemic threats

PREDICT project is part of an international campaign to rapidly detect and respond to emerging viruses such as Ebola and SARS that move among people, wildlife and livestock.

Berkeley biotech licenses gene-editing tool to new company

Caribou Biosciences of Berkeley was co-founded by Jennifer Doudna and other scientists who have shaped the gene-editing technology known as Crispr-Cas9.
San Francisco Chronicle
UCSF Mission Bay hospital complex

UCSF looks forward to hospital complex opening at Mission Bay

Three new hospitals for women, children and cancer patients are slated to open in February 2015.
Clarity air pollution sensor

Wearable device detects pollution to build air quality maps in real time

Keychain-sized gadget, devised by several UC Berkeley students, lets you constantly track exposure to air pollution via a smartphone app. But it’s also a way of crowdsourcing much broader studies on air quality.

A battle for UC's soul

Editorial: Under the Master Plan for Higher Education, the University of California was to be the jewel in the tripartite crown — a world-class research university system. UC has lived up to the vision. But state funding has fallen short.
Los Angeles Times

High-poverty schools fall short on learning time, too

Teachers lose more instructional time due to poor access to libraries, technology and qualified substitute teachers than do their counterparts at more affluent schools.

Is 'Interstellar’s' science so stellar?

Astrophysicist David Schlegel weighs in on Hollywood science and untapped concepts for future sci-fi flicks.

The dirty side of soap

Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in personal hygiene products, causes liver disease and cancer in mice.
UC San Diego and UC Davis

UC funding measures the value we place on public education

Editorial: What do Californians want now from their world-famous system of public education? What do we value? Where are our priorities? This is a conversation we all need to have, and we hope UC President Janet Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown, who is also a regent, will lead it.
Sacramento Bee
dying sea star - USGS photo

Virus identified as top suspect in sea star wasting disease

Scientists remain puzzled over what triggered the current devastating outbreak, since virus that appears to cause the disease is not a newcomer.
'Instant Recess' at UCLA

Healthy Campus Initiative helps inspire new nationwide program

UCLA is one of 20 colleges and universities participating in the Partnership for a Healthier America’s program of the same name.

President makes case for budget plan

Napolitano: “When you look at the state disinvestment in higher is pretty darn shocking.”
Sacramento Bee

From discoveries to treatments

UCSF researchers highlight six trends in translational science that will improve your health. Learn more in a series of podcasts.

More lightning with global warming

Lightning strikes may increase by up to 50 percent in the U.S., caused by warmer temperatures associated with climate change.

CA college student debt lower than national average

California students are graduating with a lighter debt load — the second-lowest in the nation behind New Mexico.
Bay Area News Group

Low-income students largely spared tuition hikes

While in-state tuition increased during the height of the recession, most UC families with annual incomes under $110,000 did not end up paying more, thanks to a greater availability of aid.
Associated Press

Student borrowing is down as tuition rises more slowly, study finds

Among the 7.8 million U.S. undergraduates who took out federal loans last year, the average amount was $6,670, which was $320 less than the previous year and $740 lower than 2010-11.
Los Angeles Times
Hush earplugs

Startup seeks funding to make 'smart' earplugs

UC San Diego students and alum design earplugs that let in desired sounds while filtering out others.
Architected Lattice

Team wins grant to tackle concussions among football players

New ‘microlattice’ helmet material would reduce head injuries, track collision impacts.