bikes on campus

UC campuses rated greenest by Princeton Review

Nine undergraduate campuses among most environmentally friendly, with four awarded perfect scores for sustainability.
Amanda Zerzan and son

Children’s hospitals launch global initiative on preterm birth

$100 million from Lynne and Marc Benioff, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will fund 10-year program to reduce childhood death from prematurity.

Faculty, regent join American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Class of 2014 honorees bring UC's membership in the academy to 489.

Treating stroke improves during 'golden hour'

Patients who receive clot-busting drug within first hour of symptoms are more likely to survive, preserve brain function and reduce disability.
San Francisco skyline

Tackling urban problems with Big Data

From the classroom to the city, a UC Berkeley planning professor/entrepreneur is using Big Data to make a difference in urban life.
UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox

UC Riverside to hold investiture ceremony for chancellor

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox will be formally invested by UC President Janet Napolitano.
Eliot Crafton

Avoiding alien marine invaders

UC grad student’s tool maps where non-native species are likely to take hold.

UC wins higher education sustainability awards

Annual awards highlight achievements from UC and California State University campuses that are models for sustainable operations.

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes

Inspired by tiny crustacean, researchers design composite material stronger than standard used in airplane frames.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The legacy of Gabriel García Márquez

UC Riverside professor reflects on the life and work of the acclaimed Latin American author.
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coral reef

Lawnmowers of the sea

In the first global snapshot of its kind, a team of Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers has shown how overfishing impacts coral reef health.
Science Today
Meb Keflezighi wins 2014 Boston Marathon

Alum wins Boston Marathon

A year after the bombings, UCLA's most accomplished distance runner, Meb Kefleghizi, wins the 118th race in 2:08:37.

Chili peppers: born in Mexico

The world's most widely grown spice crop likely was first domesticated in central-east Mexico, according to a new study by UC Davis plant scientists and other researchers.

How to deal with jerks (and worse)

There is now an academic definition of that paragon of obnoxiousness, thanks to UC Irvine's Aaron James. Knowing it will help you interact with them.
farm worker protest

Library gets digital archive of farm worker movement

Rich collection documents the work of Cesar Chavez and others in the labor struggles in Central California.

Puppy love

A UC Berkeley psychologist discusses the emotional connection between dogs and humans.
UC President Napolitano on aerial tour

President Napolitano tours California agriculture

UC President Janet Napolitano witnessed firsthand the effects of the drought and learned about the university’s efforts to help farmers increase water efficiency and improve crop yields.

Remembering lives lost

California poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera's poems honor victims of bus crash, Kansas City shootings

Historian wins Pulitzer Prize for second time

"The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia: 1771-1832" nets award for two-time winner Alan Taylor, expert on early American history.
blood moon

Lunar eclipse myths from around the world

Murderous pets and hungry jaguars are only some of the stories cultures use to explain lunar eclipses. Scientists from Lawrence Livermore Lab and elsewhere probe lunar legends in anticipation of Monday night's eclipse.