student climbs outdoor stairs

UC launches Cool Campus Challenge in a push toward carbon neutrality

President Napolitano: 'We’re on our way to becoming the very first university system to wipe out our carbon footprint for good.'

UCSF researcher unveils promising new drug for MS patients

Late-phase trials found that the drug greatly reduced symptoms for progressive multiple sclerosis as well as a more common form of the disease.

Alice Yu

A pediatric cancer drug three decades in the making

Experimental immunotherapy treatment first successfully used in the 1990s is finally available for commercial use.

dying AIDS patient

HIV/SIDA: The Epidemic in Tijuana

'It’s possible to end AIDS in Tijuana, but we need to take a broader look,' says UC San Diego's Steffanie Strathdee. The trials she and fellow researchers faced in northern Mexico are recounted in UCTV's new four-part documentary.

instructor and students

A classroom without walls

Course on ecology and conservation takes students from across UC out in the natural landscape.

four name tags

‘Black’-sounding name conjures a larger, more dangerous person

People envision an unknown ‘black’-named character in similar ways to an unknown ‘white’-named male convicted of assault.

LAPD officers

Predictive policing test substantially reduces crime

Results of months-long project in Los Angeles suggest method could succeed in cities worldwide.

artist's rendering, EXPLORER PET scanner

Researchers awarded $15.5M to build first total-body PET scanner

New technology could fundamentally change the way cancers are tracked and treated.


U.S. News ranks nine UC campuses among world’s best

Magazine's world rankings focus on strength of research activities and reputation.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

UC San Diego ranks first in U.S. in environmental science

Nature's rankings are based on the collective contributions of the university's faculty in major scientific journals.

mobile health monitor illustration

Patient, test thyself

Wireless mobile devices have been developed to monitor everything from eating to stress levels.

ship sailing through polar ice

Leading thinkers address polar region changes

Global climate change’s impact on the poles will be focus of an upcoming meeting hosted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the American Polar Society.

thermal power plant

DOE selects UC to lead U.S.-China energy and water consortium

Berkeley, Irvine, Berkeley Lab, Davis, Merced and UCLA join forces in multi-million dollar effort to tackle water-related aspects of energy production and use. 

lab tech holds tube

High tech health gives hope to sick and injured

San Diego County has become a hotbed of medical innovation, led by UC San Diego and other institutions.

ice cream sundae

High-fructose diet hampers recovery from traumatic brain injury

A sweet may sound like a treat, but a steady diet of them also may impair recovery from mental deficits after head trauma.

UC President Napolitano and UC Merced basketball players

UC president’s whirlwind Merced visit covers many bases

Third campus visit touches on affordability, sustainability and outreach to local high-schoolers.

doctor holds smartphone

$9.75M will launch platform to accelerate mobile health research

Success of the Health eHeart Study was the impetus for the creation of the Health ePeople project. 

students studying at table

Access to higher education equals access to opportunity

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi: Ranking based on upward mobility speaks to university's values.

pilots in cockpit

Mission impossible?

Humans just aren't cut out for tedious jobs like monitoring a computer screen — even if the consequences of failure are dire.