UC Santa Barbara

UC leads nation’s top universities in serving Latino students

UC Santa Barbara is the fourth UC campus designated a Hispanic-Serving Institution; it's the first AAU member to be so named.

Grant aims to increase faculty diversity

Riverside undergraduates will be able to take part in a research and mentoring program designed to increase diversity among faculty in American universities.

Soon to become a minority in the U.S., whites express declining support for diversity

Many white Americans are becoming less enthusiastic about diversity and multiculturalism as the U.S. moves toward becoming a minority-majority nation.

male students, UC Riverside

UC Riverside joins other universities, foundations to improve student success rates

Funding from six foundations will help the University Innovation Alliance share programs around the nation.

Serpent still from "Frontera!" animated film

Film professor’s original animation debuts on PBS.org

Unconventional short film uses humor, hip hop and comic book-style animation to tell fascinating story of revolt in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

Lisa White

Paleontologist entices diverse students to dig her field

We love to see giant dinosaur fossils in museums, but microfossils are everywhere, geoscientist Lisa White tells school kids. An African-American woman in one of the least diverse scientific fields, White directs education and public programs at the Museum of Paleontology.

Mario Garcia

Latino profiles defy stereotypes

A book by UC Santa Barbara professor Mario García offers young Latinos a new narrative.

man/science fiction photo illustration

Science fiction through lens of racial inclusiveness

Prestigious grant will fund a yearlong exploration of ethnic futurisms.

Physics Girl wins national competition

Outreach coordinator creates YouTube videos that encourage girls to pursue science.

Carlos Cortés

Professor edits new encyclopedia on multiculturalism in America

Carlos Cortés, professor emeritus of history, worked as lead editor for "Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia."