solar thermal technology

UC creates five new inventions per day

In 2014, UC research led to 86 new startups and 1,769 new inventions — nearly five per day – amid a booming startup culture.

artist's rendering, EXPLORER PET scanner

Researchers awarded $15.5M to build first total-body PET scanner

New technology could fundamentally change the way cancers are tracked and treated.

mobile health monitor illustration

Patient, test thyself

Wireless mobile devices have been developed to monitor everything from eating to stress levels.

woman photographs Paris with smartphone

Picture this: an app for blind photographers

Grad student designed audio tool to recognize and describe photos for the visually impaired.


Holy guacamole! 3-D printing could help save avocado, other trees

Technology has greatly accelerated research on an ambrosia beetle that is damaging trees in Southern California.

portobello mushrooms

Making batteries with portobello mushrooms

Can mushrooms stop cell phone batteries from degrading over time? Engineering researchers at UC Riverside think so.

treating an Ebola patient

Chip-based technology enables reliable direct detection of Ebola virus

System can be integrated into simple, portable instrument for use in field situations where rapid, accurate detection of the virus is needed to control outbreaks.

brain-computer interface enables paralyzed man to walk

Paralyzed man walks with help of brain-computer interface

Mind-controlled technology bypasses spine and creates gateway to a host of medical possibilities.

mother and baby

Babies time their smiles to make their moms smile back

A toddler-like robot allows researchers to confirm their findings — and to help study non-verbal children and adults.

man in bed with cell phone

Mobile app would bring earthquake early warning to all

How an early-warning system would work in practice, beginning with the first blaring alarm from a cellphone: 'Earthquake! Drop, cover and hold on! Strong shaking expected!'