Visualization of Florence Duomo

Florentine 'patient' gets high-tech physical

Two doctoral students travel to Italy to assess the structural condition of one of Florence's landmarks, the Baptistery of St. John.

Overseeing your online afterlife

Jed Brubaker’s graduate research at UC Irvine guides Facebook’s new policy on postmortem account stewardship.

Sat Pannu

DARPA taps Lawrence Livermore Lab to restore touch to amputees

Lab will join collaborative research team that intends to build the world’s first neural system to enable naturalistic feeling and movements in prosthetic hands.

Startup promises safe lithium batteries

Venture capital backs company — co-founded by a Berkeley Lab scientist —developing a battery using a nonflammable electrolyte.

mounting solar suitcase on wall

1,000th solar suitcase is a beacon in developing world

In just a few years, this innovation has saved lives in places where light and power are rare commodities.

Steven Leahy

Employers train military and vets for advanced manufacturing jobs

Labs, academia, government agencies and nonprofits are joining forces to to develop a pipeline to help service members and vets develop highly specialized skills.

Berkeley Lab’s list of Top 50 game-changing technologies for defeating poverty

Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies produces first-of-its-kind blueprint for sustainable global development.

Neuroscientist wins prize for cochlear implant contributions

Michael Merzenich is among five winners of the Russ Prize, bioengineering’s highest honor.

George Farquar demonstrates DNATrax

Technology quickly traces source of tainted food

Contaminated food sickens 1 in 6 Americans every year. DNATrax traces the bad stuff back to its source.

zebra finches

How songbirds may help build a better hearing aid

Avian ability to pinpoint 'signal' sounds inspires algorithm at the heart of a new type of auditory device.