Women in computing photo illustration (iStock)

Breaking the 'bro' barrier

Tech companies are funding research to find strategies to recruit and retain women and minorities in computer science majors.

Cellscope Loa

Smartphone microscope automates detection of parasites in blood

CellScope technology could help revive efforts to wipe out diseases in Africa by providing critical information to health providers in the field.

doctor holding iPad and medicine bottle

A more secure cloud for mobile users

Encryption system allows smartphone and tablet users to store data in one or multiple clouds without using a lot of a mobile device’s resources.

space junk illustration

Zapping away space junk

A solution right out of sci-fi: shooting space debris with a laser mounted on the International Space Station.

Worker prepares world’s first algae surfboard

Surfing into a greener future

UC San Diego biology and chemistry students produce the world’s first algae-based, sustainable surfboard.

McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center

UC Davis reactor gets a role in Mars mission

NASA prepares for manned missions into deep space, the McClellan Nuclear Research Center is playing an integral role in the groundwork.

roof aging

Cool roof 'time machine' projects if your roof will keep its cool

Berkeley Lab gets go-ahead for its method of mimicking natural soiling of roofing materials and its effect on cooling properties.


Squidlike fabric: not too hot, not too cold

Scientists partner with Under Armour to create a new fabric that lets wearers regulate their personal thermal comfort.

globe in bulb (iStock)

Cleanly electrifying the world

Decentralized transmission networks, cheap photovoltaics, sophisticated low-energy appliances, mobile phones and 'virtual' financial services are all merging to create an alternative power grid.

Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

Industry innovation space opens on UC San Diego campus

Qualcomm Institute launches facility where qualified faculty startups, industry partners or national laboratories can lease office or lab space.