Can lasers make the internet faster?

Lasers could make the Internet faster – and cleaner

Tiny lasers could overcome the current speed limits on the Internet and lower the information revolution's carbon footprint, UC San Diego researchers say.

Poop to fuel

Will cars of the future run on poop?

How UCLA researchers are using protein waste, including manure, to make a new generation of renewable biofuels.

Wi-Fi scanning robots with x-ray vision

How Wi-Fi can give us X-ray vision

Can Wi-Fi signals be used to sense the environment around us, or even see through walls?

marcus lehman

UC rising stars make Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Forty with ties to the University of California recognized by the magazine as young leaders in their fields.

solar thermal technology

UC creates five new inventions per day

In 2014, UC research led to 86 new startups and 1,769 new inventions — nearly five per day – amid a booming startup culture.

UC Santa Cruz solar greenhouse

This solar greenhouse could change the way we eat

Thanks to a transparent solar panel developed at UC Santa Cruz, greenhouses are enjoying a new moment in the sun.

UC Santa Barbara clean water team

Better water quality for all, thanks to UC Santa Barbara grad students

A young startup's device that makes water sampling quick and easy wins a campus venture competition.

President Obama Gossard

President Obama honors 3 UC professors with national medals

Highest honors in science and technology go to UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara faculty.

Doctors go digital UC Irvine

Doctors go digital at UC Irvine

Smartphone attachments are replacing traditional tools of the trade.

UC Irvine Mya Le Thai

Making better batteries a reality

By happy accident, UC Irvine researchers found a gel that enables hundreds of thousands of charges.