silhouetted students

A visionary, a genius, and the human genome

In 2000, two dogged researchers defied the odds to become the first in the world to assemble the DNA sequence of the human genome.

Boeing 787

Leaving on a biofueled jet plane

Researchers develop a process to create drop-in aviation biofuel that won't gel at the low temperatures of the stratosphere.

3-D-printed rocket test

3-D printed rocket engine aims for flight record

Student engineering team is shooting for a 10,000-foot flight at upcoming rocket competition.

THOR robot turns a valve

Humanoid robot flexes its muscles at international competition

Robotics expert's team seeks to build a robot that can go places where humans cannot.

Members of Snapily explain their app at the CITRIS Mobile App Challenge at UC Berkeley.

Students design mobile apps with social flavor

With support from the UC Global Food Initiative, this year’s CITRIS Mobile App Challenge added a new dimension: finding ways to nutritiously and sustainably feed people.

race car

Building a race car for the future

Underdog status doesn't stop engineering students from entering global design competition.

Women in computing photo illustration (iStock)

Breaking the 'bro' barrier

Tech companies are funding research to find strategies to recruit and retain women and minorities in computer science majors.

Cellscope Loa

Smartphone microscope automates detection of parasites in blood

CellScope technology could help revive efforts to wipe out diseases in Africa by providing critical information to health providers in the field.

doctor holding iPad and medicine bottle

A more secure cloud for mobile users

Encryption system allows smartphone and tablet users to store data in one or multiple clouds without using a lot of a mobile device’s resources.

space junk illustration

Zapping away space junk

A solution right out of sci-fi: shooting space debris with a laser mounted on the International Space Station.