solar thermal technology

UC creates five new inventions per day

In 2014, UC research led to 86 new startups and 1,769 new inventions — nearly five per day – amid a booming startup culture.

sunlight through hands

Soak it up

New solar cells absorb high-energy light at 30 times the concentration of conventional cells.

Mark Pollock

Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs

Robotic step training and noninvasive spinal stimulation enable patient to take thousands of steps.

student with magnetic field armband prototype

Magnetic fields provide a new way to communicate wirelessly

New technique could pave the way for ultra low power and high-security wireless communication systems.

hand holding petri dish

DNA guides 3-D printing of human tissue

Technique produces tiny models of human tissue, or ‘organoids,’ that can be used in cancer research and drug screening.

Drones aid agriculture

UC Merced lab spurs students' use of technology to serve agriculture, environment, health.


High-tech project will restore recorded Native American voices

Cutting-edge optical scanning technique developed by the Berkeley Lab promises to revitalize these old, fragile recordings. 


3-D-printed tiny fish do more than swim

Synthetic microfish set the stage for 'smart' microrobots that can detoxify or deliver medications. 

Jean Paul Santos holds antenna assembly

New antenna design could aid interplanetary communication

A small yet powerful antenna would allow the Mars rover to communicate directly with Earth, enabling much more data to be sent back and forth.

Adam Burgasser demonstrates Learning Glass

Ten projects win UC’s 2015 information technology awards

Ten teams representing multiple locations across the University of California won the 2015 Larry L. Sautter Award for using information technology to make university operations more effective and efficient, and to better serve faculty, staff, students and patients.

Systemwide Chief Information Officer Tom Andriola announced the winners today (Aug. 17) at the UC Computing Services Conference in Riverside.