solar thermal technology

UC creates five new inventions per day

In 2014, UC research led to 86 new startups and 1,769 new inventions — nearly five per day – amid a booming startup culture.


Celebrating World Toilet Day, reinventing sanitation

U.N. World Toilet Day, Nov. 19, highlights global sanitation shortfalls and their toll on human health and the environment.

Sophie and her 3-D-printed hand

Engineers give a girl a hand

Eight-year-old Sophie doesn’t have fully developed finger bones in her left hand, but with the help of a CITRIS Invention Lab team, she is the new user of a 3-D printed super hand.

simulated image of 1893 Chicago World's Fair

World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 comes alive on computer screens

Modeling expert lets viewers marvel at Chicago World’s Fair that drew 27 million people from around the world.

3-D printing liquid and 3-D printed objects

Some 3-D printed objects are toxic

Researchers find zebrafish embryos die at alarming rates when exposed to certain 3-D printed materials.

artificial kidney illustration

Artificial kidney research gets a boost

Development of a surgically implantable, artificial kidney — spearheaded by researchers at UCSF and Vanderbilt — receives a $6 million federal grant.

big data photo illustration

UC campuses to co-lead regional data science ‘brain trust’

NSF establishes four regional innovation hubs — including one led by UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and the University of Washington — to accelerate advances in data science.

biometric rotator

So long, passwords: What will it take for us to trust biometrics?

Fingerprints, voice and facial recognition aren't foolproof. For biometrics to truly dislodge passwords, a different approach is necessary to make them more secure.

Better way to pack natural gas into fuel tanks

New method of storing methane could speed development of cars that don’t require the high pressures or cold temperatures of today’s LNG vehicles.

Paul Felstein

UC Davis boosts 13 new companies in past year

Startup support from campus is part of UC's commitment to tech transfer and entrepreneurship.