Komal Ahmad, founder of Copia, a food recovery business, is among the young social entrepreneurs seeking to reduce hunger and food waste.

Young tech entrepreneurs take bite out of hunger

Millennials tap into their generation's intersecting interests in food, technology, social activism.

Nalia Chowdhury UC San Diego

Humanitarian to create incubator for social innovation at UC San Diego

New three-year initiative is set to disrupt the status quo and help people in need.

Francis Ford Coppola UCLA

Francis Ford Coppola tests concept of live movie-making at UCLA

Award-winning director and alum workshops an innovative filmic technique.

UC Berkeley air conditioning

The global impact of air conditioning: Big and getting bigger

Rising incomes and temperatures increase the amount of cooling units — and greenhouse gases.

UC Irvine spit lab

Spit: The diagnostic tool of the future?

A UC Irvine alum brings home his research on the health- and behavior-revealing properties of saliva.

Pacific Ocean at Scripps

Researchers can now monitor global warming due to human activity in real time

Scientists find the human impact on global warming can be distinguished from natural variability.

Students tell the secret history of America on Medium

A professor challenges students to share alternative stories of life in America.

Using urban pigeons to monitor lead pollution

New study shows bird toxin levels track with those of children in neighborhoods they share.

An L.A. Laker, Metta World Peace joined UCLA students in Andy Rice's class on “Food: A Lens on Environment and Sustainability” in sampling roasted crickets during a lesson on entomophagy — bug eating.

Students try to overcome 'yuck' factor in Bug-Eating 101

Lakers' Metta World Peace joins in to try critter cuisine.


Cutting sugar causes drop in heart disease risk factors among obese children

Study shows sweets, not calories, are culprits in cardiovascular pre-conditions.

Solar LED products in testing lab

Modern off-grid lighting could create 2 million new jobs in developing world

Moving away from polluting, fuel-based lighting isn't just good for the environment - it puts people to work

Members of the first place team in the Apps for Ag hackathon, GivingGarden, (from left) Scott Kirkland, Josh Livni, Deema Tamimi and John Knoll.

Apps for Ag hackathon winners announced

Top prize goes to produce-sharing app that provides gardening advice from the UC Master Gardener Program.

Chorionic villus cells infected by the Uganda strain of Zika virus are stained bright green. Chorionic villi anchor the placenta to the uterus and channel blood from the mother's circulation to the maternal blood space, giving viruses easy access to the f

Antibiotic may block Zika virus infection of fetus

Researchers map how the Zika virus infects the developing fetus.

UC Davis students Carli Hambley, left, and Lexi Fujii helped organize the glean in June.

UC Davis crops and compassion help feed those in need

Students help develop solutions on campus and in the community.

Launch Academy UCLA

Giving LA youngsters a math and science boost

A new UC summer program offers free, world-class instruction in partnership with the community.

UC San Diego institute entrepreneur

UC San Diego sets up institute for entrepreneurs

Engineering and management schools join forces to help university-based innovations come to market.

UCLA health sisters

Sisters become doctors, lawyers after childhood of farm labor

Five first-generation students earn degrees and pursue a life of public service through UC.

UC Berkeley Pokemon Go

The man behind Pokémon Go

Meet the UC Berkeley alum who created the most popular mobile game in history.

UC system science

The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists

Scientists from across the UC system weigh in on what's broken — and how to fix it.

Climate change language UC ANR

Loss for words: Art, language and the challenges of living on a changing planet

Is climate change too abstract? A UC analyst says the right vocabulary can help us grapple with the problem.