Captain America

How Captain America inspired new fuel-efficient cars

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Why the next scientific breakthrough could come from a comic book.


This is your brain on Uber

UCLA professor and company research head explains how use of the app reveals a lot about human nature.

Walkman and iPhone

The iPhone’s ancestor

A UC Irvine writer reflects on how the Sony Walkman paved the way for smartphones to change the world.

UCLA color neurons

UCLA study identifies how brain connects memories across time

Neuroscientists boost ability of aging brain to recapture links between related memories.

UC Santa Barbara clean water team

Better water quality for all, thanks to UC Santa Barbara grad students

A young startup's device that makes water sampling quick and easy wins a campus venture competition.

President Obama Gossard

President Obama honors 3 UC professors with national medals

Highest honors in science and technology go to UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara faculty.

UC Santa Cruz Page and Eloise Smith Scholastic Society

A helping hand for students without families at UC Santa Cruz

Smith Renaissance Society founder talks with two group alumni about their experiences and his next project.

UC transfer community college

Looking to change schools? These top universities take the most transfer students.

Several UCs are major transfer destinations, with UCLA and UC Davis leading the way.

UC President Napolitano with Vice President Biden

UC President Napolitano meets with Washington leaders

Napolitano met with President Obama and other officials to highlight how UC is helping to drive solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Fruit fly brain heatmap UC San Diego

First peek into the brain of a freely walking fruit fly

UC San Diego scientists demonstrate new method for monitoring neural activity during social behaviors.

UC Riverside karma

When selling good karma goes bad

A new UC Riverside study shows how beliefs affect responses to requests for help.

Coral reef surgeonfish

Care about coral reefs? Protect the 'lawnmowers'

A UC San Diego professor tells Science Today why conserving depleted reef-grazing fish is so important.

UC Irvine food waste

A great use for UC Irvine's garbage

Campus staff have pioneered a program that turns dining hall food waste into fuel.

Doctors go digital UC Irvine

Doctors go digital at UC Irvine

Smartphone attachments are replacing traditional tools of the trade.

Delgado UC Berkeley

Could the mystery of the meow actually be solved by a new talking cat collar?

A UC Berkeley doctoral student examines the latest effort to help animals and humans to communicate.

UC Davis John Lewis

Rep. John Lewis highlights UC Davis School of Law commencement

The iconic civil rights leader delivered a rousing address on public service.

UC Santa Barbara SETI

Across the universe

A UC Santa Barbara scientist sends new signals using light to find extraterrestrial life.

UC Merced cancer and brain cells

Cancer cell growth linked to nervous system in UC Merced study

Research shows cells with damaged DNA proliferate more in upper areas of the body and near brain tissue in flatworms.

UC Berkeley power Paradox

Why does power make us lose our way?

What makes us steal candy and cut people off in our Priuses, explained by UC Berkeley's Dacher Keltner.

UCLA yoga seniors pre-Alzheimer's

To reduce pre-Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment, get to the yoga mat

UCLA study finds yoga, meditation more effective than memory-boosting exercises.