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  • Lunar eclipse myths from around the world

    National Geographic

    Murderous pets and hungry jaguars are only some of the stories cultures use to explain lunar eclipses. Scientists from Lawrence Livermore Lab and elsewhere probe lunar legends in anticipation of Monday night's eclipse.

  • How one university has achieved parity in student success

    Chronicle of Higher Education

    Graduation rates are nearly the same for students across racial and income groups at UC Riverside. Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox discusses what works and what doesn’t for improving student success.

  • She loves me, she loves me not

    UC Research Tumblr

    Whether in fiction or history, women often have gotten a bad rap for being fickle. But it may just be evolution. A landmark UCLA meta-analysis suggests that ovulating women have evolved to prefer mates who display ‘sexy traits.'


  • jellyfish

    Looking to jellyfish for environmental answers

    Despite their simple marine forms, jellies may provide answers to complex environmental questions.

  • UCSF Glassbrain

    A beautiful mind

    In Adam Gazzaley’s new lab, the brain is a kaleidoscope of colors, bursting and pulsing in real time to the rhythm of electronic music. He also wants this to lead to treatments for a variety of brain diseases.

  • Randy Schekman

    Nobelist Schekman on the value of public higher ed

    Nobel laureate Randy Schekman is a UC Berkeley professor and a UCLA alumnus. From the pinnacle of achievement, Schekman credits public higher education as the foundation of his success. Schekman will participate in UC's Graduate Research Day, calling for more student support.

  • fire in dry foliage

    Drought, fire and flood

    Explore how the the nature of highly seasonal rainfall cycles and periodic fires create conditions that have shaped Mediterranean climate ecosystems.

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