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  • juvenile abalone

    Spawning success for endangered white abalone

    Decades ago, abalone was a common seafood menu item, but overfishing wiped it from restaurants and the ocean. In 2012, the abalone breeding program at UC Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory had just 70 abalone. Since then, their shellfish number in the thousands.

  • Why science needs art

    UCSC's Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz gives us a glimpse of how he visualizes his research. Since much of what he studies is abstract calculations and theories, he shows us how important it is to have visuals to both explain and comprehend his work.

  • Carrots

    Why carrots taste sweeter in winter

    UCLA's Liz Roth-Johnson explains why carrots have more sugar when it's cold outside.

  • Power

    How power makes people selfish

    'Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely,' said the British historian Lord Acton. Unfortunately, this is not entirely a myth. UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner explains some of the ways in which power encourages individuals to act on their own whims, desires and impulses.

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