Admissions by source school

These tables present information on UC’s Applicants, Admits, and Enrollees. Freshman applicant counts are presented for fall and transfer counts are presented for the full academic year.  Mean high school and transfer GPA are presented for freshman and transfer applicants, admits, and enrollees respectively by source school.

The universitywide applicant and admit counts are unduplicated. UC Merced opened in 2005, so there is no data prior to 2005 for this campus. The numbers of applicants, admits, and enrollees for any ethnic category with fewer than five applicants are shown as a blank. To avoid calculation of a redacted cell, the “unknown” category is shown as a blank if any other category is redacted.

  1. Applicants – Students who make a formal application to attend the University of California.
  2. Admits – Students who have been made a formal offer of admission to attend the University of California.
  3. Enrollees – Students who have accepted an offer of admission and are enrolled at the University of California.
  4. CA Public – Public high schools in California, including charter schools
  5. CA Private – Private high schools in California
  6. Foreign Institution – High schools in a foreign country (for freshman tables) OR Colleges or universities in a foreign country (for transfer tables)
  7. Non-CA Domestic – Domestic high schools outside California
  8. CA Community College – California Community College
  9. Other Institution (USA) – Domestic college or university outside of California
  10. Average GPA – For freshmen: Average GPA is calculated based on high school grade point average of students from the same school. GPAs used for this analysis are weighted, capped high school GPAs where extra points up to 8 semesters, no more than 4 in the 10th grade are added to the GPA. Average GPA for any cell with fewer than five students is shown as a blank. For transfers: Average GPA is calculated based on transfer grade point average for students from the same college.