Find your place at UC

UC is made up of students as unique and exceptional as California itself. It’s our diversity that sets us apart. Think UC isn’t for you? Think again.

Student standing in front of mural on campus

Nine undergrad campuses. One application. 

Applying to UC is a lot easier than you think. With nine undergrad campuses, there are endless possibilities. Are you ready to make the leap?

What you need to apply

Money shouldn’t shut you out of a UC degree. 

We’re making sure a UC education is attainable for all families. That’s why we have one of the strongest financial aid programs in the world. 

In fact, 56% of our California undergrads pay no tuition. 

Apply for financial aid, even if you don’t think you qualify. We have options waiting for you.

Get financial aid 

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There's something for everyone at UC

Come for the academic excellence, meet incredible people and reach new heights with hands-on learning and top-notch facilities.

Five new inventions happen at UC every day.

These are inventions that change lives, impact the world, and will shape the future for all of us. What will you dream up next?

80% of our first-gen students graduate within six years.

That’s compared to 11% nationally. We don’t just say you belong here — we really mean it. And we’ll do everything we can to support you while you’re here.

2 out of 3 California students who applied to UC got in.

With one application, you can open doors that will change your life. Nearly a third of UC students start at community college before transferring here.

Explore our campuses

Just like California, our campuses are worlds of opportunity. From deep valleys to sunny beaches, we have the most diverse range of people and locations in the state. So, which one will you pick?

UC Berkeley campus
UC Berkeley's Sather Gate
student smiling on Berkeley campus
UC Berkeley

Berkeley boasts old-school architecture and Bay Area beauty. It’s known for creating some of the nation’s best academic research by some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers.

  • Students: 30,853
  • Fun Fact: Four elements of the periodic table were discovered by Berkeley researchers
  • Mascot: Oski the Bear
UC Davis
UC Davis
students on Davis campus with bikes
UC Davis

The high-watt academics, innovation and research at UC Davis breathe life into this laidback college town. And access to the largest internship program in the nation gives students a running start in their careers.

  • Students: 30,718
  • Fun Fact: Davis loves bikes — it’s got the highest bike population per capita for a U.S. city
  • Mascot: Gunrock the Mustang
UC Irvine families
UCI 2018
UC Irvine students
UC Irvine

In the center of vibrant Orange County is Irvine: A top research university. A leader in health care, innovation and sustainability, independent thinkers thrive here.

  • Students: 29,736
  • Fun Fact: Approximately 80 languages are spoken and 87 countries represented within UC Irvine’s student body.
  • Mascot: Peter the Anteater
UCLA grounds
UCLA students
UCLA building

A world-renowned university in a truly global city. Whatever you pursue at UCLA, be it science, theater, sports, economics and so much more, you’ll find yourself at the center of the action. And you’ll have the resources to do something great. 

  • Students: 31,577
  • Fun Fact: The internet started at UCLA in 1969
  • Mascot: Joe & Josephine Bruin
UCM day 2 79
UCM day 2 224
UC Merced adventure
UC Merced

90 minutes west of Yosemite National Park sits our newest campus: UC Merced. It’s small but powerful, boasting some of the best research facilities in the state and a student population as excellent and diverse as California itself.

  • Students: 7,881
  • Fun Fact: UC Merced is the only American university with the construction of every building on campus environmentally certified.
  • Mascot: Golden Bobcats
UC Riverside
Campus building at UC Riverside
Students sitting on steps at UC Riverside
UC Riverside

If you want to make the world a better place, Riverside is where it can happen. It’s one of the best colleges in the nation for community-minded students – leaning on its research capabilities to make a difference.

  • Students: 20,581
  • Fun Fact: Wednesday is R’Day on campus: A chance to don your best tartan and celebrate the spirit of Scotland
  • Mascot: Scotty the Bear
UC San Diego
UC San Diego students
UC San Diego biking
UC San Diego

Life’s a beach at UC San Diego. It’s one of the best research universities in the world. There are seven colleges in total here, each with its own theme and academic approach. Join the many greats of the world that studied here.

  • Students: 30,285
  • Fun Fact: The campus hosts a music festival every year, named after a statue on campus, Sun God
  • Mascot: King Triton
UC Santa Barbara biking
UC Santa Barbara students
UC Santa Barbara

Right by the coastal cliffs is Santa Barbara: UC’s interdisciplinary research college, with a strong focus on creating opportunities for its students. Here you’ll live the true college experience with some of the best student organizations, programs, and community experiences in the state.

  • Students: 23,070
  • Fun Fact: We have our own beach and lagoon, perfect for marine science programs
  • Mascot: Gaucho
UC Santa Cruz festive
UC Santa Cruz students
UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz effortlessly combines a small-town college feel with the discipline of a major research university. It’s right by Silicon Valley, which means unbeatable internship and research opportunities.

  • Students: 17,792
  • Fun Fact: In the 1980’s, UCSC's famous banana slug mascot almost got replaced with a sea lion. But students revolted and voted to keep the banana slug, guaranteeing it would always be on the list of most unusual mascots in the country.
  • Mascot: Sammy the Banana Slug