150 UC

What it means to be boldly Californian

Look back on 150 years of amazing discoveries, students and visionaries that helped make UC what it is today in a new video.

Spider scorpion UC Riverside

Spiders vs. scorpions

Spider fear is one of the most well-studied phobias, but a new study shows people are more afraid of scorpions.

Daniel Ciccarone with camera

Opioid crisis: This doctor’s street-level views could change the course of the epidemic

UCSF's Daniel Ciccarone explores opioid use up close to try to stem the rising tide of overdoses.

UC Davis psychedelic drug study

Psychedelic drugs could treat depression, and other mental illnesses

Psychedelics have shown promise in the clinic for treating neuropsychiatric diseases. 

UC Davis via The Conversation
Children at an immigrant family separation protest in Phoenix

Trump and Sessions can end immigrant family separations without Congress’ help

Current immigration laws give the executive branch considerable discretion.

Electric impulses may help brain recover from shock

Electrically stimulating the brain may restore movement after stroke

The findings suggest the potential for brain implants to treat stroke patients.

A member of the Georgia National Guard being hugged

What it means to be moved by love

There are universal sensations when we are moved by love, including goosebumps, tears and tenderness.

Politico Janet Napolitano

Napolitano on family separations: ‘I don’t know how this could be justified either legally or morally’

The UC president called Trump’s zero-tolerance policies ‘cruel’ and a ‘misallocation’ of resources.

V. Ramanathan shares $1.33M sustainable development prize with fellow climate science pioneer

The renowned Scripps climate researcher and former NASA scientist James Hansen honored for their work.

Sally Ride banner

How Sally Ride shattered the ultimate glass ceiling

UC astronauts like Sally Ride paved the way for women at the highest level: space.

UC Berkeley fox at night

Mammals going nocturnal to avoid humans

Human activity is causing the planet’s mammals to flee daylight for the protection of night, according to a new study.

UC Riverside pain expectation

Does pain expected equal pain felt? Ask a kid

A science-backed strategy can help calm your kid before their next blood draw or shot.

Lantz Rowland poses in front of his tent outside Seattle, Washington.

The rise of California's tent cities

The extreme shortage of affordable housing is driving California's epidemic of homelessness.

UC Davis refugee backpack

UC Davis launches digital tool in Lebanon to help Syrian refugees reclaim right to education

Jihad Qusanyeh, imprisoned and tortured as a student, will be among the first to assemble his virtual ‘backpack.’

Markus Kalmutzki, Farhad Fathieh and Eugene Kapustin set up the water harvester for tests on a rooftop on the UC Berkeley campus

Pulling fresh water from desert air

Powered only by sunlight, a next-generation water harvester has pulled drinking water from thin, desert air.

Meet UC’s 2018 graduates: Californians who are citizens of the world

The Class of 2018 is ready to lead, both at home and abroad.

UC Riverside lab. UC has the most patents

The University of California leads in US patents

The UC system easily rises to the top when it comes to invention.

Sequoia Thompson UCLA

Bus driver turned UCLA graduate steers life in new direction

Sequoia Thompson follows her dream of becoming a clinical psychologist and working with queer black youth.

Lucero Camarena UC San Diego

Speak your truth

Transgender grad Lucero Camarena will bring a message of authenticity to the commencement stage.

UC Berkeley racial resentment study

Welfare backlash tied to white fear of declining status

Racial resentment is found to fuel opposition to government anti-poverty programs.