pride flag waving banner

How the census overlooks the LGBTQ community

The census is finally counting same-sex couples — but it's missing everyone else.

UC Santa Cruz autism child

Autistic people want to socialize — they just may show it differently

Research on social signals in autism suggests new ways to meet their needs.

Sunil Gandhi and Mathew Blurton-Jones headshots

Deciphering dementia’s gender gap

UC Irvine researchers win grant to explore why Alzheimer’s affects more women.

Sea star UCTV video still

How California's sea stars are evolving past a devastating pandemic

Sea star wasting disease provides a rare opportunity to watch a species bounce back from near-total collapse.

Republicans and Democrats agree on climate change — they just don't realize it

The key to fixing climate change isn't convincing people it's real: it's getting them to choose policy over party.

Vitamin D pills spill from a bottle

Could vitamin D lower your risk for breast cancer?

A new study suggests that those with higher levels of the vitamin had one-fifth the risk.

Student compares his arm length to an image of a pro basketball player

The tale of the tape

Wingspan may be the secret to success for athletes in the NBA and mixed martial arts.

Scooters the Conversation

Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers

The sometimes hazardous form of transportation could end up making cities safer for everybody.

UC San Diego via The Conversation
Whitewater rafting paddle

Nature is proving to be awesome medicine for PTSD

The awe we feel in nature can dramatically reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Couple in the sun UCLA

Climate change is making it harder for couples to conceive

Research finds warming temperatures have a negative effect on fertility, birth rates.

University Of California claims more than 117,000 students received DACA renewals

The renewals come after a UC lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security in Sept. 2017.

Lyft Uber UC Davis

How ride-hailing could improve public transportation instead of undercutting it

With the right rules, ride-sharing apps could enhance public transit.

Hand on fence in front of an American flag

How private prison companies are influencing immigration policy

Increased support for punitive immigration legislation is found where ICE detention facilities are privately run.

UC Berkeley CRISPR illustration

CRISPR reduces autism symptoms in mice

Exaggerated repetitive behavior characteristic of autism was lessened after a receptor was edited.

Ethics Bowl at San Quentin Prison

How to find truth in today’s partisan world

The Ethics Bowl teaches you not to win or lose a debate, but something more important: how to think.

Los Alamos National Lab worker

UC keeps Los Alamos National Laboratory on cutting edge of science and research

The university is proud to continue its stewardship of one of the world's premier scientific institutions.

Shavone Charles UC Merced alum

How Shavone Charles created her dream job in tech

The first-generation UC Merced grad now leads Global Music and Youth Culture Communications for Instagram.

Before and after pictures of Hussein

Family travels 7,500 miles to save son’s life with treatment developed at UCLA

Stem cell gene therapy cures baby with life-threatening immune disorder.

Awards pour in for the ‘pope of foam’

Brewing legend Charlie Bamforth has been honored this year with three prestigious global awards in his field.