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UC Newsroom |

The University of California is born

The university began more than 150 years ago on a simple, but revolutionary idea: That college should be available to…
UC San Francisco |

California’s anti-smoking push spurs big savings on health costs

For every dollar the state spent on smoking control, health care costs fell by $231.
UC Riverside |

Capturing heavier rains in an era of drought

Professor Kurt Schwabe’s Fulbright fellowship will help Australia and California meet water needs.
UC Santa Barbara |

Chasing one of biology's biggest goals: Filming proteins in motion

A UC Santa Barbara team has made strides in addressing one of the grand challenges of modern science: recording…
UC San Diego |

Bees don't just wiggle wiggle, they learn — the newly discovered complex social behavior behind the ‘waggle dance’

Watch out TikTok: The honey bee's groove, one of the most intricate forms of communication known outside humans, relies…
UC Irvine |

Exposure to green space linked to reduced risk of postpartum depression

Tree coverage and physical activity intensify the effect, a UC Irvine-led study finds.
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business |

After the Silicon Valley Bank failure, Berkeley Haas faculty raise concerns about systemic weaknesses in banking

The problems of SVB were “banking 101,” experts say, but also possibly influenced by its close ties to one industry.
UC Berkeley |

Voting, race and religion: Is the U.S. Supreme Court a threat to democracy?

Scholars say the court may be helping to assemble a legal framework in which a shrinking base of white conservatives…

Healing words: How Meera Varma learned the language of mental health

Varma has found a way to advocate for mental health across cultures and all the way to the White House.
UC San Diego |

Birch Aquarium welcomes baby weedy seadragons

The conservation program scores a massive success with the arrival of more than 70 tiny newborn weedy seadragons.
UC San Francisco |

An allergy drug showed promise for MS. Could they prove it?

Years of scientific sleuthing leads to breakthroughs in multiple sclerosis.
UC Riverside |

The planet that could end life on Earth

A terrestrial planet hovering between Mars and Jupiter would be able to push Earth out of the solar system and wipe out…