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UC Santa Barbara |

How the romantic institution props up a racialized dating landscape

UC Santa Barbara professor Sabrina Strings’ new book addresses the growing trend of “situationships” and why it hurts Black women and other non-elite and non-white women most.
UC Health |

A clinical trial pilot pioneers a new era of collaboration, innovation and equity

UC San Francisco epidemiologist Dr. Van Blarigan is conducting "Tools to Be Fit," a clinical trial program that aims to improve the health of cancer survivors.
UC Berkeley |

Check out Berkeley's summer reading list for incoming students

We invite you to peruse the latest edition of the UC Berkeley Summer Reading List for New Students.
UC Riverside |

Til November, he's the world's most interesting man

UC Riverside professor Andy Crosby is an impresario of all things political polls; he's going to be a popular guy the next few months.
UC Davis |

Alaska's rusting waters: Pristine rivers and streams turning orange

Thawing permafrost may be driving degradation, according to research from UC Davis.
UC Newsroom |

Five genius inventions that grew out of UC research

Dozens of inventors traveled to Sacramento earlier this month to speak about the power of UC research during our annual advocacy event, UC Day.
UC Newsroom |

The Northern Lights came to California — but will it happen again?

Aurora Borealis made a surprise trip down to the continental United States last week. Three experts weigh in on why it happened and whether it will happen again.
UC Newsroom |

2 UC faculty and 11 alumni awarded 2024 Pulitzer Prizes

The Pulitzer Prizes, awarded May 6 by Columbia University, are among the most prestigious honors in journalism, literature and music composition.
UC Merced |

Following the mission to improve Central Valley health care

UC Merced breaks ground on a new Medical Education Building, scheduled to open in 2026.
UC San Francisco |

When depression meds don’t work, this may help you turn the corner

Transcranial magnetic simulation is a noninvasive therapy for patients with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

No sweat! A radically easy new way to diagnose stress — and do something about it.

Thanks to new technology, we may soon be able to measure exactly how stressed we are and take proportional steps to deal with it.
UC Irvine |

Dreaming is linked to improved memory consolidation and emotion regulation

UC Irvine-led study is first to pinpoint role of dreams in processing bad experiences