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UC Santa Cruz |

Alumna Kathryn Sullivan enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame

A trailblazer, barrier-breaker, scientist, and explorer, UC Santa Cruz alumna Kathryn Sullivan was the first American …
UC San Diego |

These screen-printed, flexible sensors allow earbuds to record brain activity and exercise levels

Streaming data from 3D-printed biosensors developed at UC San Diego can be used for health monitoring and diagnosis of…
UC Berkeley Public Health |

50 years after being outlawed, redlining still drives neighborhood health inequities

Discriminatory lending practice continues to have serious effects, according to new UC Berkeley Public Health research.
UC San Francisco |

New COVID-19 vaccines: Is it worth the shot?

Will updated vaccines work against the latest “scariant” and 11 other questions answered.

How to save plants from climate change? Just ask them

Biologists can infer trees’ desired conditions from their wood and leaves, according to a UCLA study. 
UC Newsroom |

UC’s Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association meets in México City to shape the future

The alumni association and UC’s Alianza MX are co-hosting a summit in México City from October 4-6, 2023, with a focus…
UC Newsroom |

How a federal government shutdown could affect the University of California

If Congress doesn’t approve a funding bill by Oct. 1 when the new federal fiscal year begins, it will trigger a federal…
UC Newsroom |

University of California President Drake awards UC Presidential Medal to former California Gov. Gray Davis

The award recognizes the former governor’s steadfast advocacy and fiscal support for the creation UC Merced and his…
UC Santa Barbara |

A peek inside the quickening race to understand, treat — and even cure — Alzheimer’s disease

Neuroscientist Kenneth Kosik will detail the current and future direction of Alzheimer's research in a free public talk.
UC Riverside |

Scientists uncover COVID’s weakness

New research has revealed the Achilles heel that can be used to prevent the virus from making people sick.
UC Davis |

Can humans recognize a song’s intent regardless of language?

Universal acoustic patterns can help listeners across cultures glean a song's intent, regardless of its lyrics.
UC Berkeley Public Health |

Cultural racism worsens health inequities between racial groups

Racism expressed through cultural norms can perpetuate negative health outcomes for nonwhite groups, according to a UC…