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UC Berkeley |

Stunning photos show young UC Berkeley falcons learning to fly

They slipped and cried for food, but the siblings wound up mastering their first days of flight school.

Deep diver: Justin Dunnavant

The maritime archaeologist finds a new lens for exploring Black culture through the discovery of lost slave ships — and…
UC Riverside |

California does not need to choose between post-pandemic economic growth and reducing carbon emissions

Green jobs in California will outpace nation by end of decade, analysis suggests.
UC Davis |

Changing minds

UC Davis researchers are bringing the benefits of drugs like LSD and cannabis to light.
UC San Francisco |

Some patients with lung disease fare worse than others. Could sleep explain it?

Flare-ups in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, linked to sleeplessness, study shows.
UC Newsroom |

Celebrating Title IX with great moments in UC women’s sports

50 years ago, Title IX changed the landscape of education and sports for women in the U.S. Here’s a salute to those who…
UC Santa Cruz |

A welcoming place in the redwoods

The Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center is a place for students to claim and proclaim their voices.
Lorena Anderson |

In retiring, Roland Winston looks forward to his busy, bright future

Roland Winston literally and figuratively brought star power to UC Merced as one of its first faculty.
UC Irvine |

Commemorating Juneteenth

Davin Phoenix, UC Irvine Irvine political science associate professor, offers reflections.

Well, I see it differently!

Psychologist Matthew Lieberman explains why people don’t view the world the same way others do.
UC Davis |

Intelligence is malleable and can grow stronger, study says

The brain, like a muscle, can be strengthened and trained — an insight that can help low-achieving students.
UC Newsroom |

The (incredible) value of a UC degree

A UC degree translates into a lifetime of higher earnings, a game-changer for students and state — and so much more.