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UC Irvine |

When was talking invented? A language scientist explains how this unique feature of human beings may have evolved

A language scientist explains that talking was never invented but has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.
UC San Francisco |

Elevated tween screen time linked to disruptive behavior disorders

Social media has strongest tie to conduct disorder.
UC San Diego |

More evidence that California weather is trending toward extremes

Patterns associated with wildfires increasing in frequency; those linked to “normal” rainfall decreasing.
UC Davis |

UC Davis aims to turn ‘stop-outs’ into graduates

Four UC campuses have come together as the UC Reengagement Consortium to help more students complete their college…
UC Berkeley |

Secret behind ‘nic-sickness’ could help break tobacco addiction

The brain’s dopamine network activated by high doses of nicotine could be tweaked to help people kick the habit.

With $12 million in federal funding, UCLA to expand reach of its depression treatment

Faculty with the Depression Grand Challenge have created a system for managing mental health that they hope can be…
UC Irvine |

UCI chancellor meets with Vice President Kamala Harris

At White House event, Howard Gillman discusses challenges facing U.S. universities in wake of Roe v. Wade overturn.

Your monkeypox questions answered as vaccine access expands

Infectious disease doctors say most people who get infected do not require hospitalization and the chance of…
UC Santa Cruz |

UC Santa Cruz student named one of 50 top hackers of 2022

Each year, 50 recipients from a pool of over 150,000 active community members are selected for their exceptional…
UC Davis Magazine |

3 signs your dog may be stressed

UC Davis animal behaviorist Emma Grigg shares the ways dogs can express themselves.
UC Irvine |

UC Irvine-developed COVID-19 test detects, identifies specific variants with 100% accuracy

The new RNA-based method advances personalized medicine for improved patient care.
UC Santa Barbara |

What do you think of when you picture a scientist?

There are many versions of a female scientist, but still more work to do to overcome stereotypes, researcher says.