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  • Sustainable Agriculture Education Association conference overview

    UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, with support from the UC Global Food Initiative, hosted the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association national conference, highlighting hands-on educational efforts that bridge scientific and social issues.

  • Take a tour of your thoughts with the 'Glass Brain'

    The Glass Brain is kind of like it sounds. It’s a colorful, 3-D window into all the mysterious activities that light up the brain.

  • Youth voices in urban agriculture

    As part of the UC Global Food Initiative, the UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program teamed up with urban farms and gardens in the Bay Area to hear about youth experiences at these places and better understand the challenges of maintaining an urban garden.

  • UC Riverside student John Chater with pomegranates

    Pomegranates: Student follows in grandfather's footsteps

    UC Riverside graduate student and GFI fellow John Chater is building on the work of his grandfather, S. John Chater, who was a maintenance worker at a hospital but developed a cult following among rare fruit growers in California for developing new varieties of pomegranates.

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