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UC San Diego |

Sustainable sneakers: Scientists create the world’s first biodegradable shoe

UC San Diego scientists to launch their algae-based shoes through the company Blueview.
UC Newsroom |

Grad Slam is on! Grad students prepare to wow with 3-minute talks

Annual contest challenges master's and Ph.D. students to explain their research — succinctly — to a general audience. 
UC San Francisco |

Psilocybin rewires the brain for people with depression

Study suggests new mechanism for how psychedelics affect the brain.
UC Berkeley, UC Merced |

Flying buses in California skies?

Advanced air mobility could help people and goods in modes and environments previously underserved by traditional means…
UC San Diego |

E-cigarettes alter inflammatory state of brain, heart, lungs and colon

Study ties chronic JUUL use to inflammatory changes across body; results depend on e-cigarette flavor.

4 billion-year-old relic from early solar system heading our way

But don’t lose sleep — we’re in no danger, UCLA professor David Jewitt assures.
UC Santa Barbara |

Common ground on decarbonization

Researchers find that state-level decarbonization policies have received a significant amount of bipartisan support.
UC Natural Reserve System |

UC’s Natural Reserve System establishes research compact with Chilean university reserves

The partnership paves the way for a variety of exchange programs between two regions with remarkably similar biological…
UC Berkeley |

Why T. rex has tiny arms

T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies, scientist proposes.
University of California Health |

University of California Health’s schools recognized as national leaders in graduate school rankings

Health professional schools across the UC system again achieved strong rankings in U.S. News…
UC Santa Cruz |

Methane could be the first detectable indication of life beyond Earth

A new study assesses the planetary context in which the detection of methane in an exoplanet’s atmosphere could be…
UC San Diego |

UC San Diego joins national trial to explore new vaccines for COVID-19 variants

The new trial seeks to understand if different vaccine regimens can broaden immune responses in adults who already have…