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UC San Francisco |

How — and why — to reset your kids’ screen use for summer

New research shows short- and long-term health effects from too much screen time.
UC Berkeley |

Psychedelics change how we see the world. A UC Berkeley study aims to find out why.

Researchers will use neuroimaging to observe the effects of psilocybin on the human brain — in real-time.

Julio Frenk to take helm of UCLA, nation’s No. 1–ranked public university, as its 7th chancellor

The renowned public health researcher and president of the University of Miami since 2015 is recognized globally as a visionary leader in higher education and will be the campus’ first Latino chancellor.
UC San Francisco |

A cure for multiple sclerosis? Scientists say within our lifetime

People diagnosed today can live a long life free of disability, as UCSF research ushers in a golden age of MS care.
UC Davis |

California drives toward electric future

California has ambitious plans for zero-emissions vehicles. UC Davis experts weigh in on reaching those goals.
UC Berkeley |

Can engineered plants help make baby formula as nutritious as breast milk?

Human breast milk contains a unique blend of prebiotic sugars that are tricky to replicate in commercial infant formula. New research shows that plants may be the perfect manufacturers.
UC Merced |

Remapping global history through 5,500 years of malaria

A new study has identifies trade, warfare and colonialism as major catalysts for the spread of malaria over history.
UC Newsroom |

UC leads the nation’s universities in patents for second year running

The U.S. Patent and Trade Office granted UC inventors 546 utility patents in 2023.
UC Newsroom |

The economic clout of a UC degree

A UC degree translates into a lifetime of higher earnings, a game-changer for students and state — and so much more.
UC San Diego |

During year of extremes, carbon dioxide levels surge faster than ever

UC San Diego's long running study garners alarming climate data. The good news is, global fossil fuel use has plateaued in recent years.
UC San Francisco |

Is the reason 1 in 10 Americans get eczema too much salt?

A new study finds that changes in daily salt intake may explain eczema flares.
UC Santa Cruz |

Earliest, most distant galaxy discovered with James Webb Space Telescope

Galaxy dates back to 300 million years after the Big Bang.