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Honoring 100 years of Black Greek life

This year marks the centennial of UCLA’s first African American sorority and fraternity.
UC Davis |

Food truck offers free meals to students in need

The new AggieEats food truck is believed to be the first and only one in the nation to serve free meals on a college…
UC Berkeley |

ChatGPT architect, UC Berkeley alum John Schulman on his journey with AI

In an interview, Schulman discussed his time at UC Berkeley, why he cofounded OpenAI and the future of artificial…
UC Newsroom |

The University of California ranks No. 1 in higher education for U.S. patents

Researchers across the UC system produce, on average, five new discoveries each day.

There’s a more humane way to monitor Crohn’s and colitis patients

UCSF Health pioneers ultrasound in western U.S. for adults with bowel disease.
UC Riverside |

Older adults may achieve same cognition as undergrads

Learning multiple tasks led to cognition improvements that got better with the passage of time.
UC Santa Barbara |

Harmonia Rosales recasts the Renaissance with West African tales from the same period

An exhibition of paintings that draw subject matter from the transatlantic slave trade and Yorùbá myths, originated at…

A call to action, answered

After the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, the state wanted a partner that could help women across the country…
UC Newsroom |

UC’s wild, wonderful natural reserves

Steve Monfort, executive director of the UC Natural Reserve System, shares why biodiversity is the key to our future…
UC Newsroom |

How UC research is ensuring a future for 10 iconic animals

Bringing species back — and keeping them away — from the brink.
UC Newsroom |

How we can protect our last remaining blue whales, the world’s largest-ever animal

The future for California's whales is brighter thanks to Whale Safe.
UC Berkeley |

IGI’s ‘Audacious’ New Frontier for CRISPR: Editing Microbiomes for Climate and Health

$70M in funding will catalyze a new initiative led by Jennifer Doudna and Jill Banfield to apply precision genome…