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UC Berkeley |

A race to converse with, and save, the ocean’s brainiest eco-predators

Researchers are attempting to decipher the Morse code-like communications sperm whales teach each other.
UC Newsroom |

To address physician shortage, Central Valley program looks to grow its own

Through the UC PRIME program, students like Vanessa Mora are training to return to their hometowns as much-needed…
UC Riverside |

Native American students experience college life during a one-week summer program

For 17 years Native American Student Programs has been hosting Gathering of the Tribes, the longest running Native…
UC San Francisco |

Turnaway study shows impact of abortion access on well-being

A groundbreaking study reveals the long-term adverse effects of unwanted pregnancy on people’s lives, pointing to…

The Supreme Court ruled against the EPA. Here’s what UCLA legal experts have to say

The decision could have wide-reaching consequences for federal agencies’ ability to regulate industries.
UC Berkeley |

Like it or not, we’re prone to adopt popular beliefs, even fake ones

As social creatures, we care what others think — but that has a big downside.
UC Santa Cruz |

Massive genomics study aims to protect California biodiversity

The state-funded genomics project aims to be a lasting resource for shaping conservation policy.
UC Santa Barbara |

The importance of elders

The long human lifespan may be due to the contributions of older adults.
UC Newsroom |

Gender-affirming care in the spotlight: A Q&A with Dr. Maddie Deutsch

A discussion with Dr. Maddie Deutsch, head of one of the most respected gender-affirming care programs in the country.
UC Santa Barbara |

From rural ranch life to a doctorate

First-gen student Ana Y. Guerrero ’20 makes good on an American dream.
UC Berkeley |

In 10 years, CRISPR transformed medicine. Can it now help us deal with climate change?

Edited crops could thrive in our changing climate, boosting crop yields and helping draw down excess carbon in the…
UC San Diego |

COVID-19 rebound after taking Paxlovid likely due to insufficient drug exposure

Researchers have found a possible cause for why some COVID patients see symptoms return after completing treatment.