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‘If someone’s trying to stop you, you know your vote matters’

A Q&A with historian Lisa Materson on women, voting and political power.
UC Davis |

People turned to gardening for stress relief, food access during pandemic, new survey says

More green spaces and urban farming opportunities could be helpful in future disasters.
UC San Diego |

New screening tool identifies 95 percent of Stage 1 pancreatic cancer

The new tool is five times more accurate in detecting early-stage pancreatic cancer than current liquid biopsy multi-…

To fight diseases of aging, scientist makes aging itself the target

UCLA’s Ming Guo takes a unique approach to addressing neurodegenerative disease.
UC Irvine |

Helping her homeland

UC Irvine engineer starts program to offer sanctuary here to scientists and academics from war-torn Ukraine.
UC Santa Cruz |

Keeping the stoke fresh

Alum David Schulkin has been passing on the joy of surfing to UC Santa Cruz students for more than two decades.
UC Riverside |

The missing piece about Putin and Ukraine

Putin is immersed in Russian Christian Orthodoxy; his interpretation is incongruous with compromise, scholar says.
UC Santa Barbara |

Do we need to revise our definition of drought?

Climate scientists reconsider the meaning and implications of drought — and whether we can return to “normal.”
UC San Francisco |

Mindfulness during pregnancy improves stress response for infants

This is the first known study to show that a prenatal social intervention may improve health outcomes in children.
UC Newsroom |

Why Congress is moving forward from turning the clocks forward

Changes to time, and routine, can mess with our sleep. That doesn't just hurt our physical health — it makes us lonely.
Yasmin Anwar |

Sweet vibes between longtime couples are tied to longer, healthier lives

A new study finds that relationships with mutual surges of warmth, humor and affection bode well for long-lasting love…
UC Davis |

3 UC Presidents: Challenges, legacies

Chancellor May hosts UC Presidents Drake, Napolitano and Yudof at a colloquium on higher education.