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UCLA Law students work to help protect outdoor laborers from heat and pollution

Research produced by those in the California Environmental Legislation and Policy Clinic has influenced proposed…
UC Santa Cruz |

Elephant seals’ map sense tells them when to head ‘home’

Researchers found that female elephant seals know their distance from the breeding beach and allocate extra time to get…
UC Irvine Magazine |

Stemming the next public health crisis — this time, in mental health

Researchers help illuminate the complexities of the mind and find solutions to prevent a twin pandemic.

Treating tough tumors by exploiting their iron ‘addiction’

UCSF researchers tame notorious KRAS-mutated cancers without harming healthy cells.
UC Santa Barbara |

Putting stem cells on pause

Researchers describe a process for extending the longevity of stem cells.

She’s a catalyst: UCLA graduate student helped build a system that nurtures Black scientists

Samantha Mensah co-founded BlackInChem to help other students of color and women advance as chemists.
Columbia and UC Santa Cruz |

A slow-motion section of the San Andreas Fault may not be so harmless after all

A study suggests that the central section of the San Andreas fault has hosted many major earthquakes.
UC Merced |

Last year’s drought cost the ag industry more than $1 billion, thousands of jobs, new analysis shows

Crops most affected by increased fallowing include rice, cotton, grain and field crops.
UCSF Magazine |

What you didn’t learn in school about sexual health

UCSF experts share the kind of science-based, judgment-free intel missing from a lot of sexual health stories.
UC Newsroom |

UC a top producer of Fulbright students

Students from eight UC campuses and scholars from six have received Fulbright awards to advance their studies and…
UC Newsroom |

UC Regents Vice Chair Richard Leib takes on duties of the chair of the Board of Regents

University of California Regent Richard Leib, who is vice chair of the Board of Regents, will assume the duties and…
UC Newsroom |

UC leaders mourn the passing of longtime Regent Richard Blum

University of California leaders on Monday (Feb. 28) mourned the loss of Richard Blum, a UC alum, benefactor and…