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UC San Francisco |

Scientists discover a new hormone that can build strong bones

Researchers at UCSF and UC Davis solved a long-standing puzzle on how the bones of breastfeeding women stay strong even as they lose calcium to milk.
UC Davis |

The salmon diaries: Life before and after Klamath Dam removal

Salmon ‘tell’ scientists their life story as decades-old dams come down.

Dolls and trucks: Political right and left share some parenting beliefs

UCLA study finds area of overlap in ‘deeply polarized’ issues.
UC Santa Cruz |

Scientists find that small regions of the brain can take micro-naps while the rest of the brain is awake and vice versa

The study more generally shows how previously ignored fast brain waves define basic patterns of sleep and wake.
UC Santa Barbara |

UC Santa Barbara and Tuskegee University launch pilot program to advance Black cultural perspectives in TV writing

A unique pilot program focuses on writing for diverse voices, creating a new kind of space between a Hispanic Serving Institution and an HBCU.
UC Newsroom |

California has problems. AI can help solve them.

As AI gets more powerful and easier to use, UC researchers are finding ways to integrate these emerging technologies into their work, shortening the distance to solutions that benefit every Californian.
UC Santa Cruz |

Researchers run high-performing large language model on the energy needed to power a lightbulb

By eliminating the most computationally expensive element of a large language model, engineers at UC Santa Cruz drastically improve energy efficiency while maintaining performance.
UC Berkeley |

First study to measure toxic metals in tampons shows arsenic and lead, among other contaminants

A new UC Berkeley study finds that tampons used during menstruation can contain toxic metals, including lead, arsenic and cadmium.
UC San Francisco |

The power of deep rest

A truly restorative state that alters our bodies at the cellular level can counter deterioration of our mental and physical health, according to researchers at UC San Francisco.
UC Merced |

UC Merced researcher dives with the big sharks on Shark Week

Shark expert Sora Kim kicked off Shark Week by exploring Leviathan, the enormous, legendary sea creature that takes on different forms in different cultures but has a basis in science.
UC Davis |

Winning formula: Aggies blend baseball and data science

Three Aggie alums hold leadership roles in Major League Baseball this season.
UC Newsroom |

Stop microwaving plastic — here’s why

UC experts are tackling our big plastic problem from every imaginable angle, from chemistry to engineering, policy to art, medicine to oceanography.