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Turmeric compound helps grow engineered blood vessels and tissues

A new finding could hasten development of lab-grown blood vessels and other tissues to replace and regenerate damaged…
UC Newsroom |

How UC research is helping California meet the challenges of the climate crisis

Scientists and researchers are working to help people across the state adapt to climate change.
UC Newsroom |

How the Indigenous practice of ‘good fire’ can help our forests thrive

Once outlawed, cultural burns can save our forests from uncontrollable wildfire.
UC Santa Cruz |

First complete, gapless sequence of a human genome reveals hidden regions

Parts of the human genome are now available to study for the first time.
UC Davis |

UC Davis historians bring women’s stories to national parks of the Pacific, West

An online repository shines a light on the role of women in establishing or maintaining 64 national parks.
UC Irvine |

Squid skin-inspired cup cozy keeps your hands cool and your coffee hot

Engineers have developed a method for economical mass production of a new insulating material.
UC Berkeley |

Success treating night blindness in dogs could lead to human gene therapy

In videos of the dogs after the treatment, the restoration of vision in low lighting is easy to detect by their canine…
UC Riverside |

Families of children with autism can get free help from UC Riverside’s SEARCH Center

Inland Empire families don’t have to wade through school and service systems alone.

UCLA poised to become a world leader in hip-hop studies

Building on decades of scholarship, the campus’s new Hip Hop Initiative will highlight the local and global impact of…
UC San Francisco |

Obesity can rewire the immune system and the response to immunotherapy

Researchers have discovered why immune treatments for allergies and asthma might not be as effective in obese mice and…
UC Berkeley |

A month at war: UC Berkeley’s Ukrainian students turn shock, anger into action

Students with Ukrainian roots are finding ways to support the country during the Russian invasion. Two, both law…
UC Riverside |

Addressing race and racism in teacher education programs

Teacher education programs that evade discussions of race and racism often leave teachers of color to bear the brunt of…