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UC Berkeley |

Hummingbirds' unique sideways flutter gets them through small apertures

Hummingbirds zip around at dizzying speeds through our gardens on their hunt for nectar. How do they navigate such tight spaces? New UC Berkeley research has uncovered two of their tricks.
UC Merced |

An invisible water surcharge: Climate warming increases crop water demand in the San Joaquin Valley's groundwater-dependent irrigated agriculture

A study from researchers at UC Merced found that increased demand accounts for half of the cumulative deficits of the agricultural water balance since 1980.

‘I feel like myself again’: UCLA clinical trial offers hope for lymphoma patients

Hirotaka Matsunaga has been in remission for 18 months after participating in a CAR-T cell therapy led by UCLA professors.
UC Santa Cruz |

‘Digital twins’ project will help clean up space junk, repair and decommission spacecrafts

UC Santa Cruz professor Ricardo Sanfelice and a team of researchers have been awarded $2.5M to model complex aerospace engineering problems.
UC San Francisco |

How daylight saving time impacts your sleep and what to do about it

Springing forward an hour leaves Americans so groggy that car accidents and heart attacks spike on ‘Sleepy Monday.’ Here are four tips to avoid it.
UC Newsroom |

Transfer student Alexis Acosta followed her curiosity to UC. Here’s how she paid for college.

Transfer student Alexis Acosta was worried about the cost of UC but found the resources and support she needed. “It’s been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”
UC Riverside |

UC Riverside to offer bachelor’s degree to students in the Norco state prison

UC Riverside will offer a Bachelor of Arts program within the confines of the Norco California Rehabilitation Center, a prison about 50 east of Los Angeles.
UC Davis |

Male hormonal birth control? It may be closer than you think

A clinical trial of a form of birth control that suppresses sperm production while maintaining testosterone levels is currently in its fourth year at UC Davis Health.
UC Irvine |

Autonomous vehicle technology vulnerable to road object spoofing and vanishing attacks

UC Irvine researchers find security flaws in first- and next-generation LiDAR systems.
UC San Francisco |

I’m a microplastics researcher. Here’s how to limit their dangers

More than 80,000 registered chemicals are used commercially in the U.S. Less than a dozen are regulated.

Diversity in demand: People of color, women – in audience and on the big screen – hold keys to industry survival

People of color also hit historic highs while women dropped in key jobs, according to the new UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report.
UC Newsroom |

UC has sent more women to space than any other school in the solar system

Since Sally Ride's history-making flight in 1983, the University of California has built a stellar roster of woman astronauts.