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Coming of age in a warming world: How UC students are turning climate anxiety into action

How do UC students think about their futures, knowing that the climate they were born into will probably look a whole lot different than the one they grow old in?
UC Berkeley |

Soon, California educators must teach ethnic studies. UC Berkeley is helping them prepare.

As one of the first universities in the country to create an ethnic studies department, UC Berkeley is helping high schools chart their own path.
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‘The UC Effect’: Shaping the future of AI

UC’s first systemwide Congress on AI delved into the technology’s promise and perils — and the unique role the university can play in leading the way forward.

Speaking without vocal cords, thanks to a new AI-assisted wearable device

The adhesive neck patch is the latest advance by UCLA bioengineers in speech technology for people with disabilities.
UC Davis |

Research highlights importance of support reciprocity during early-stage dementia care

A new UC Davis study suggests that early-stage dementia patients benefit from both receiving and giving care.
UC Irvine |

New study unlocks the secrets of birth defect origins

Research findings offer new targets for early detection and prevention strategies.
UC San Diego |

Say hello to biodegradable microplastics

Research shows plant-based polymers can disappear within seven months.
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How AI discriminates and what that means for your Google habit: A conversation with internet studies scholar Safiya Noble

The UCLA professor who put the study of algorithmic discrimination on the map turns her focus to our AI-powered future.

Craving snacks after a meal? It might be food-seeking neurons, not an overactive appetite

A new study discovers cells that make mice pursue fatty foods even when they are not hungry.
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Plans for water equity in a warming world

UC researchers are working to ensure water distribution priorities meet the needs of communities, imperiled species and the environment.
UC San Diego |

Closing gender gaps in career advancement

Elizabeth Campbell, assistant professor of management at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management, discusses the state of gender equity at work
UC San Francisco |

How Cindy Chang, M.D. rewrote the history of sports medicine

From overseeing the WNBA “wubble” during the COVID-19 pandemic to becoming the first female chief medical officer for Team USA, she’s been breaking glass ceilings for three decades.