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Why do kids outperform their parents in this rural California town? A sociologist looks for answers.

Why do kids outperform their parents in this rural California town? A UC Santa Barbara sociologist looks for answers.
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Young UC scientists selected as fellows to prestigious Nobel laureate meeting

27 highly accomplished young scientists were awarded the opportunity to join Nobel laureates from around the globe at the 2024 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany.
UC Merced |

New canal project expands on UC Merced solar research

A new project to place solar panels on the water in the Delta-Mendota Canal, part of a $19 million investment through President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, was announced by the Department of the Interior April 4.
UC Merced |

Youth grapple with interpreting the unspoken for their immigrant families

UC Merced researchers are shedding light on emotion brokering, when wordless interactions can cause confusion and anguish for children acting as interpreters for older family members.
UC Riverside |

Discovery could end global amphibian pandemic

A fungus devastating frogs and toads on nearly every continent may have an Achilles heel. Scientists have discovered a virus that infects the fungus, and that could be engineered to save the amphibians.
UC Santa Barbara |

Researchers uncover a potential method for interrupting the misfolding of tau protein that underlies neurodegenerative disease

New ways of disrupting mutant tau proteins could eventually lead to targeted therapeutics for Alzheimer’s and other diseases.
UC Davis |

How to protect your eyes during the 2024 solar eclipse

Experts from UC Davis and UC San Diego explain what's happening with next week's eclipse, and how to view it safely.
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Your top 5 financial aid questions answered

If you’ve been admitted to a UC campus, you might have some questions about financial aid. We have answers.
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Coming of age in a warming world: How UC students are turning climate anxiety into action

How do UC students think about their futures, knowing that the climate they were born into will probably look a whole lot different than the one they grow old in?
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Soon, California educators must teach ethnic studies. UC Berkeley is helping them prepare.

As one of the first universities in the country to create an ethnic studies department, UC Berkeley is helping high schools chart their own path.
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‘The UC Effect’: Shaping the future of AI

UC’s first systemwide Congress on AI delved into the technology’s promise and perils — and the unique role the university can play in leading the way forward.

Speaking without vocal cords, thanks to a new AI-assisted wearable device

The adhesive neck patch is the latest advance by UCLA bioengineers in speech technology for people with disabilities.