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UC Berkeley |

Why we're so obsessed with cults

"In this crisis moment, we have a return to desire for overarching meaning, radical acceptance, transformative…
UC Newsroom |

The weather whisperer

When climate catastrophe looms, reporters and legislators call up UCLA’s Daniel Swain to explain what’s happening and…
UC San Diego |

Laughter as Medicine: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

UC San Diego is celebrating the rich traditions and important contributions of Native people during Native American…
UC Riverside |

Speaking in color: Plants transformed into detectors of dangerous chemicals

Scientists have engineered a way for a plant to show the presence of a banned pesticide in water without affecting its…
UC San Diego |

Beyond UFOs: The future of Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena

Astrophysicist Shelley Wright discusses NASA and the search for intelligent life.
California Magazine |

From Kumbaya to Lord of the Flies

Chancellor Christ on how the Pac-12 fell apart and Cal’s future in the ACC.
UC San Francisco |

Breast cancer riddle: Best ways to screen and treat

A UCSF expert explains how to safely improve routine screening practices.
UC Newsroom |

UC claims 4 spots on TIME’s “Best Inventions of 2023” list

The magazine recognizes four inventions developed or advanced in UC laboratories among 200 products that TIME’s editors…
UC Newsroom |

More than half of UC transfer students pay no tuition: 8 little-known facts about paying for UC

The cost of transferring to UC shouldn’t keep you up at night. Here are 8 encouraging facts about affordability at UC.
UC Newsroom |

Celebrating a record-setting investment in climate research for California

Climate scientists and state officials gathered in Sacramento last week to kick off a new round of research projects…
UC Berkeley |

Rescuing dissent: Inside the year-long mission to bring prominent Putin critics to UC Berkeley

Russian social science professors Ilya Matveev and Ilya Budraitskis, renowned for their expertise on authoritarianism,…
UC Merced |

New project focuses on women of color in the geosciences throughout UC

A three-year grant will launch a network to provide community, belonging, access, advocacy and resources to overcome…