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Growing our own: Developing a faculty that reflects California

A new UC effort, called “Growing Our Own,” aims to create mentors, teachers, and ultimately, a new generation of…
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For its 7th year, Grad Slam delivers promising research you can remember (and explain)

UC graduate students amazed and delighted at the annual Grad Slam contest, with Justin Lee of UC Berkeley taking home…

Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed, scientists say

If they can escape death in poachers’ nets, the endangered marine mammal is well poised to rebound despite inbreeding.
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After a record-breaking fire year, experts call for a shift in wildfire strategy

A new report summarizes the wildfires of 2020 and what we can learn to mitigate future disasters.
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Is there still a benefit to masking when you’re the only one?

An epidemiologist weighs in on how protective your mask is when nobody around you is masked.
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The world’s highest jumper

A device developed in the Hawkes Lab achieves the tallest height of any known jumper, engineered or biological.
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Diagnosing neurological disease at home

A smartphone app that could allow people to screen for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases and disorders by…
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Testing a one-time treatment to relieve Parkinson’s symptoms

A new cell therapy could finally bring meaningful relief to patients with the progressive neurodegenerative movement…

Affirmative action bans had ‘devastating impact’ on diversity in medical schools, UCLA-led study finds

Researchers examined enrollment data from 1985 through 2019 for 53 medical schools.
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The California startups taking on climate change

Clean energy innovation is flourishing with the help of CalTestBed, a program funded by the California Energy…
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6 UC professors earn 2022 Carnegie fellowships

Prestigious award advances important projects in humanities and social sciences with $200,000 stipend.
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With autism numbers rising, how best to provide support?

Autism expert Somer Bishop talks about the latest autism research and UCSF's approach to care for the neurodiverse…