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UC Irvine |

What is Title IX?

A primer on 1972’s landmark anti-discrimination law.
UC Santa Cruz |

UC campuses join new alliance to increase Hispanic opportunity

By 2030, Alliance universities aim to double the number of Hispanic doctoral students and increase by 20 percent the…

LGBTQ+ health certificate addresses blind spots that turn patients away

Addressing the disconnect between health care providers and sexual or gender minority (SGM) communities inspired UCSF…
UC Davis |

How crushes turn into love for young adults

Hookup culture does not seem to be the norm in real college life, says a first-of-its-kind early relationship study.
UC Riverside |

Antibiotics wreak havoc on athletic performance

Knocking out gut bacteria deflates the will, ability to exercise, researchers find.
UC San Diego |

Here’s an easy way to improve workplace stress — and anyone can do it.

Giving and receiving praise in the workplace may be key to managing day-to-day stress and can enhance performance under…
UC Santa Cruz |

UC Santa Cruz student-developed game releasing to Nintendo Switch

The soon to be released, interactive, fast-paced game Squish was developed by UC Santa Cruz engineering and arts, games…
UC San Francisco |

Launch of the UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity

The center is dedicated to the proposition that “taking action on climate change is one of the most powerful health…

After mass shootings like Uvalde, national gun control fails — but states often loosen gun laws

After mass shootings, politicians in Washington have failed to pass new gun control legislation, despite public…
UC Irvine |

Autonomous vehicles can be tricked into dangerous driving behavior

Ordinary objects alongside the road can cause a car or truck to halt abruptly, research shows.
UC Berkeley |

Skydiving salamanders live in world’s tallest trees

Salamanders living in the crowns of redwoods are able to glide and maneuver in freefall, suggesting adaptation to…
UC Santa Cruz |

Karen Miga named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people of 2022

Miga and her colleagues led the team that completed the first, gapless sequence of the human genome.