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What you didn’t learn in school about sexual health

UCSF experts share the kind of science-based, judgment-free intel missing from a lot of sexual health stories.
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UC a top producer of Fulbright students

Students from eight UC campuses and scholars from six have received Fulbright awards to advance their studies and…
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UC Regents Vice Chair Richard Leib takes on duties of the chair of the Board of Regents

University of California Regent Richard Leib, who is vice chair of the Board of Regents, will assume the duties and…
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UC leaders mourn the passing of longtime Regent Richard Blum

University of California leaders on Monday (Feb. 28) mourned the loss of Richard Blum, a UC alum, benefactor and…

The Russian invasion of Ukraine: Professor Daniel Treisman provides insight and context

Treisman is the co-author of the book “Spin Dictators: The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century.”
UC Berkeley |

Defending democracy — a new approach to thwarting misinformation

If social media are required to share their data with researchers, we could learn how dangerous propaganda goes viral.
UC Irvine |

Taking on depression

A $55 million gift will create one of the largest research centers in the country tackling the pervasive mental health…
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Brainpower may take a beating following concussion

In addition to sleep disturbances, mood disorders and headache, a new study headed by UC San Francisco finds…
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The unique power of headphones to persuade

Headphones increase feelings of connectivity, empathy and engagement, reports a new study from UC San Diego, UCLA and…

Making the past personal

Students are gaining a new understanding of the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II.
UC Davis |

Just what is a resilient forest, anyway?

Resilient, frequent-fire forests have far fewer trees than we're used to.
UC Riverside |

‘Hypervisibility’ for Black girls; ‘invisibility’ for Black women

Black adolescent girls and Black women employ coping mechanisms to combat microaggressions, with varying success.