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UC San Diego |

Pandemic upends breast cancer diagnoses

UC San Diego Health study documents fewer early-stage and more late-stage breast cancer diagnoses as patients delay…
UC Merced |

Solar-paneled canals getting a test run in San Joaquin Valley

A research project conducted by a graduate student is becoming a reality in this first-in-the-nation pilot construction…
UC Riverside |

Can the Salton Sea geothermal field prevent the coming lithium shortage?

UC Riverside and Berkeley Lab join exploration of California’s resources.
UC Santa Cruz |

UC Santa Cruz tops ranking of women in leadership at R1 universities

When it comes to women leading universities, UC Santa Cruz is first in the nation for racial and gender diversity in…
UC Berkeley |

Burnout: What we’re feeling and how to use it to make positive change

Americans are burned out after two years of COVID-19’s surges and dips upending life as we know it.
UC Newsroom |

A doctor who’s trying to fix what’s broken

A bad hospital experience led Aminta Kouyate to pursue a career in medicine.
UC Newsroom |

New University of California website shows impact of 10-campus system

The redesigned website streamlines the digital experience to help visitors find information about the 10-campus system.

Megadrought in southwestern North America is region’s driest in at least 1,200 years

The drought that has enveloped southwestern North America for the past 22 years is the region’s driest “megadrought” —…

Sweating the small stuff: Smartwatch developed at UCLA measures key stress hormone

Device opens new possibilities for personal health monitoring.
UC Santa Cruz |

White House honors astronomer Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz with mentoring award

The acknowledgment represents the highest honor bestowed upon mentors who work to expand STEM talent.
UC Santa Barbara |

The extraordinary life of John Wesley Gilbert, the first Black archaeologist

Born into slavery, Gilbert became one of America’s great scholars — a classicist, a linguist, an archaeologist and an…
UC San Francisco |

UCSF dyslexia researchers develop tool to flag early reading challenges

A $10M state budget proposal would enable digital assessment in California schools.