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UC Berkeley |

Using two CRISPR enzymes, a COVID diagnostic in only 20 minutes

Eliminating RNA amplification simplifies and speeds up assay for SARS-CoV-2 virus, making it ideal for point of care…
UC Merced |

Continuing Darwin’s work on Galapagos Island

186 years after Darwin first described the Galapagos racer snake, Danielle Edwards seeks to rebuild their population by…
UC Santa Cruz |

Doctoral candidate’s award-winning research explores life for Latina girls growing up in rural California

Roxanna Villalobos shines a light on rural America’s diversity, including in the Central Valley where she was raised.

Can this controversial new drug curb Alzheimer’s disease?

It’s complicated, but for some patients, there’s reason to be optimistic about aducanumab, the treatment that made…
UC San Diego |

Q&A: What is realistic when it comes to herd immunity?

When will we get back to normal? Dr. Chip Schooley, a national leader in getting students successfully back to campus,…
UC Berkeley |

As K-12 students return, schools shouldn’t obsess over pandemic ‘learning loss’

After months of turmoil and fear, it’s important to focus on emotional support for students and teachers, scholars say.

Sleep loss in new moms linked to accelerated aging

Too little sleep in the first six months after birth can add 3 to 7 years to a woman’s ‘biological age,’ scientists…
UC Davis |

Cats prefer to get free meals, rather than work for them

Most animals prefer to work for their food. Cats are a notable exception.
Berkeley Lab |

Berkeley Lab scientists in international climate report point to urgent need to cut emissions

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we must act soon, says Berkeley Lab scientist and…
UC Newsroom |

Miss the Olympics? Catch UC highlights from the 2020 Summer Games

Despite extraordinary circumstances, the Tokyo Olympics put on a show, with UC-affiliated athletes winning 37 medals.…
UC Santa Barbara |

Gauging Western wildfires

A new climate and fire model suggests that Western wildfires will intensify for roughly a decade before experiencing a…

A new treatment for alcohol abuse

Researchers have devised a dual-drug therapy for alcohol use disorder (AUD), without the side effects or complications…