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UC Riverside via The Conversation |

How the Purdue opioid settlement could help the public understand the roots of the drug crisis

The multibillion-dollar settlement will trigger the release of troves of documents that may shine new light on what…
UC Santa Cruz |

Holding stellar nurseries in your hands

Nia Imara and her collaborators have created new, 3D-printed models that provide a deeper understanding of distant star…
UC Davis |

Both sucrose and high fructose corn syrup linked to increased health risks

Sucrose, a more 'natural' form of sugar, may be just as bad for your health.

Struggling to learn a new language? Blame it on your stable brain

A new study sheds light on the age-old question of why it’s so difficult to learn a second language as an adult.
UC Berkeley |

How much wildfire smoke is infiltrating our homes?

Scientists investigate what homes are best at keeping the smoke out and what we can do to keep our air cleaner.

COVID-19 during pregnancy associated with preterm birth

People of color face disproportionate infection risk while pregnant, large study finds.
UC Berkeley |

UC Berkeley students, staff and faculty launch Afghan scholar rescue campaign

A campus team has launched a fundraising program to help Afghans flee their country as it falls to the Taliban.
UC Davis |

LGBTQ+ youth face increased anxiety amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using social media, research identifies stressors among an already vulnerable population.
UC San Diego |

Second breath: Region’s first double lung transplant for COVID-19 patient

Facing a ventilator-bound future, Federico Gomez Gil can finally breathe freely again, thanks to the help of a UC San…
UC Santa Cruz |

Ashley Nicole Black, UC Santa Cruz theater arts alumna, earns dual Emmy nod

Already an Emmy winner for her work on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Black is behind the laughs on a number of…

Restoring access to culturally significant species with the Yurok Tribe

Law students work alongside tribal leaders to assist in a longstanding project to restore access to ancestral resources…