Disaggregated data

These tables show counts by disaggregated race/ethnicity category. "Unknown" race/ethnicity students are not shown. Student ethnicity collection and reporting at UC is detailed here.

  • Race/ethnicity data is typically collected at the time of application. Note that the categories changed in 2010 and again in 2014, but students were typically not asked to respond again. Graduate students may have faced a more limited set of options depending on the particular program and campus at which they applied.
  • Enrollment data as of fall 3rd week.
  • For degrees, students with multiple majors but one degree are counted once, but students earning multiple degrees in one year are counted multiple times.
  • The following are considered professional practice degrees: Doctors of Audiology, Dental Surgery, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Veterinary Medicine; the Engineer degree; and Juris Doctors. The “other” degree category includes credentials and certificates and the candidate in philosophy award (discontinued after 2011-12).
  • International status here is defined as students who are not: US citizens, permanent residents, refugees, amnesty recipients, approved petitioners, or political/religious asylees. It may not match the criteria used for Pell Grant eligibility determination.  
  • The international category includes students on temporary nonimmigrant visas (e.g. J1). International students are not eligible to receive Pell Grants but a small number may show in our data as having received a Pell Grant due to change of citizenship status and difference in timing between enrollment and financial aid data.