Freshman fall admissions summary

The universitywide applicant and admit counts are unduplicated. The universitywide admit rates are calculated by total number of unduplicated students admitted to UC divided by total number of unduplicated applicants to UC.

UC Merced opened in 2005 so there is no data prior to 2005 for this campus. Beginning in 2011, Merced invited all California resident referrals to be considered for admission to their campus and only processed and formally admitted those who accepted the invitation. This change in admissions process resulted in fewer formal offers of admissions to California resident applicants at Merced and universitywide, thus the admit rate at Merced and universitywide dropped significantly from 2010 to 2011.

  1. Yield Rate – The percentage of admitted students who choose to enroll at UC.
  2. Admit Rate – The percentage of applicants who are admitted to UC.
  3. California Resident – Applicants who are residents of California for admission purposes.
  4. Domestic – Applicants who are residents of the U.S. but not residents of California for admission purposes.
  5. International – Applicants who are not residents of the US for admission purposes.
  6. First Generation – A student with neither parent having a four-year college degree.
  7. Residency – Distinguishes where a student is from (CA Resident, non-resident domestic, non-resident international).
  8. HS GPA – High school Grade Point Average - Weighted, capped high school GPA (where extra points up to 8 semesters, no more than 4 in the 10th grade are added to the GPA).