Graduate admissions

Graduate admissions information, number and percent of applications, admits, and new enrollees, along with admit and yield rates, displayed by various applicant demographics, discipline, campus, and university wide.


Doctoral includes academic doctoral degree programs (with a relatively small number of professional doctoral programs).

Academic Masters includes academic master's degree programs (e.g., master of arts and master of science). 

Data excludes professional practice and professional masters degree programs.

Admit rate indicates the proportion of applications that were admitted. 

Yield rate indicates the proportion of admits that were newly enrolled. 

Since students often apply to more than one campus and/or more than one degree program at a specific campus, these data represent the number of applications rather than the number of applicants.

URM indicate underrepresented minorities including American Indian, African American, and Hispanic ethnicities.

Other discipline includes doctoral degree programs in otherwise professional disciplines, such as: architecture, clinical health, communication, education, public administration, and interdisciplinary fields.