Student faculty ratio


- FTE stands for full-time equivalent.
- Student Faculty Ratio (SFR) is calculated by dividing Student FTE by Faculty FTE
- Student FTE are for general campus and are determined based on average Student Credit Hours (SCH) completed for the fall, winter and spring terms. Summaries of this data including summer enrollments can be seen in the Appendix of the Budget for Current Operations:…
- Faculty FTE are based on the fiscal year general campus FTE for Ladder-rank and Equivalent faculty, Lecturers, and Clinical/In-Residence/Adjunct faculty found on the Employee FTE dashboard. Summer teaching effort for faculty is not captured under these faculty titles as base FTE and therefore is excluded. Self-supporting faculty are included so far as they receive base earnings under a faculty title.
- Campus calculated SFRs and those derived from IPEDS data may vary from the ones above due to differences in local data sources as well as how students and faculty are defined and counted.