Launchpad for the biotech industry. Birthplace of the internet. Home to five new inventions a day.

Researcher working in a lab with large equipment

Moving the world forward

UC’s $7.5B research enterprise advances our understanding of the world and improves lives, from curing diseases to developing new sources of clean energy. We encompass:

  • Three national labs

  • 10 campuses

  • 6 academic health centers

  • A statewide division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Many of California’s leading industries emerged from UC research, including genomics, computing, semiconductors, telecommunications and agriculture. 

Innovation and entrepreneurship


New inventions per day, on average
new startups in 2020
Active patents – more than any other University

A Nobel legacy

Did you know UC has 70 Nobel laureates who have been awarded 71 Nobel Prizes?

What has research done for you lately? 

Fig. 1 is a video series that explores groundbreaking ideas — from science to culture to history to psychology. Each episode asks a big question about our world and we talk with UC experts to get to the bottom of it.

Explore the Fig. 1 video series

An animation that rotates through various vintage scientific illustrations