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Ready to shape the future? It takes only five minutes to become a voter. Start here!

Register to vote

Get ready to flex your power at the ballot box. The first step is registering to vote.

Start here with some basic information. You’ll be directed to your state’s election website to complete your registration.

That’s it! In about five minutes, you’ll be set to take part and make your voice heard.

How to register

1. Make sure you’re eligible

In general, you need to be 18 years old by Election Day and a U.S. citizen (in addition to some other requirements.)

Need to check if you qualify? See who can vote in California.

2. Decide where to register — at home or school

If you are living away from home while at college, you are eligible to vote in either location. Which you chose is up to you — just make sure it’s somewhere you can get to on Election Day if you’re voting in person, or receive a ballot if you’re voting by mail.

Already registered? Check that your address is current and re-register if your address has changed.

3. Pick a political party ... or choose not to

In California, voters from any party can vote for the state representative they want to see move on to the general election, regardless of what party they chose. For some local offices, however, your party affiliation affects which candidates are on your ballot. Learn more about how it works.

4. Register as soon as possible!

May 23 is the deadline to register to vote in the California primary. After that, you can use Same Day Voter Registration to vote conditionally at your county elections office, polling place or vote center.

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Take the pledge

Make a promise to vote by Election Day and invite your friends to join you. Accountability is key to getting out the vote.

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Key dates

May 23, 2022: Registration deadline

June 7, 2022: Primary election