California Partnership

The California Dream is built on the idea that everyone should be able to improve their life through education, regardless of income or background.

That idea is also one of UC’s guiding principles. We believe that students who work hard and dream big deserve access to a world-class UC education. And history has shown us that when California and UC have a strong partnership, our communities thrive.

UC is an essential economic engine for the state, contributing roughly $82 billion annually to California’s economic output and supporting more than a half-million jobs—or one in every 45 in the state. UC activities in education, health care, research and public service create economic benefits in every corner of the state through our campuses, labs, hospitals, clinic and agricultural advisors.

But this doesn't happen on its own – you can help strengthen this partnership by joining with us to ensure higher education is a state budget and policy priority.

Did you know that UC serves nearly 200,000 students from California, and that about 40% of our undergraduate students will be the first in their families to earn a four-year degree? UC’s financial aid program is one of the most robust in the nation, which is possible because of the partnership with California – together, the state and UC are able to cover tuition for most of our needy students. A UC degree offers a lifetime of opportunities – and with your help, more students will get that chance.

Government leaders in Sacramento face tough budget and policy decisions from the economic fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your voice is needed now more than ever to help remind state lawmakers that investing in public higher education is key to California’s recovery.  Because when UC is a priority, our entire state benefits.

Federal Partnership

Every day UC creates groundbreaking research, develops new health care solutions, and opens doors for students. None of it would be possible without federal funding.

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