The K–12 Schools Directory provides descriptive information about public schools — names, addresses, CDS codes, enrollment counts, UC outreach programs present, and more. One can search for a single school by name; look up a set of schools, based on the nearest UC campus; or find out whether a specific UC outreach program serves a given school. Further insights are displayed on the Outcomes page, which focuses on UC eligibility (school rates of test-taking, A-G course completion) and enrollment (school rates of UC applications, admissions and enrollments).

The dashboards answer questions such as:

  • What are the size and racial diversity of the student population in a particular school?
  • Is a particular school considered to be “high needs” based upon socioeconomic factors?
  • Which UC feeder schools in a particular county are considered “high needs”?
  • What percent of students from a high school were accepted for admission to UC and enrolled?
  • What percent of students from a high school completed their A-G course requirements for UC/CSU eligibility?

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