Excludes Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories.

Campus locations in the context used here includes medical centers. The state of California's educational appropriations, in conjunction with student tuition and fees, are the core components that support the instructional mission of the university. Grants and contracts provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in basic research alongside some of the most prominent researchers in the country. Gifts to the university allow crucial flexibility to faculty for support of their fundamental activities or new academic initiatives. Other significant revenues are from medical centers, educational activities and auxiliary enterprises such as student housing, food service operations and parking.

For data download instructions, click on the following link: http://universityofcalifornia.edu/sites/default/files/infocenter-pdf/data-download-instructions.pdf

Source: UC Revenue and Expense trends report, UC Corporate Financial System, and UC campuses. Inflation adjustments are to calendar year 2019 dollars based on CA CCPI-W

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