UC’s 2013 total cost of attendance for California residents was $30,300. This number includes tuition and fees as well as living expenses, but does not factor in any grants or scholarships. The net cost is what students actually pay after financial aid is factored in. The net cost for most undergraduates is well below the total published cost. This is especially true for low-income students: Students with family incomes below $53,000 paid an average of only $10,200 in 2013. UC’s net cost is comparable to all other AAU public institutions. About half of all undergraduates at UC do not take out student loans. Among those who did, the average debt at graduation was less than $19,000 in 2012. To put this number in context, the average monthly loan payment for those graduates was $231, and the average starting salary for UC graduates working in California since 2000 is $42,500.

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