Clarissa Nobile is UC Merced's first Pew biomedical scholar

Credit: Elena Zhukova

Clarissa Nobile is UC Merced's first Pew biomedical scholar.

The Pew Charitable Trusts announced today (June 11) its 2015 class of biomedical scholars, Latin American fellows and Pew-Stewart scholars for cancer research, with eight of the 37 early-career researchers from the University of California.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Pew’s program to fund exceptional early-career researchers in the biomedical sciences — which, along with the Pew-Stewart program and the Pew Latin American fellows program, is designed to encourage informed risk-taking to bring about unexpected, powerful discoveries.

The Pew scholars include:

UC Berkeley

  • Juan-Pablo Castillo (Latin American fellow in the biomedical sciences)
  • Polina Lishko (biomedical scholar)
  • Ke Xu (biomedical scholar)

UC Irvine

  • Aaron Esser-Kahn (biomedical scholar)

UC Merced

  • Clarissa Nobile (biomedical scholar)

UC San Diego

  • Brenda Bloodgood (biomedical scholar)
  • Kimberly Cooper (biomedical scholar)

UC San Francisco

  • Trever Bivona (Pew-Stewart scholar for cancer research)