Aggie volunteer arranging food pickups on the lawn

Credit: Karin Higgins

A UC Davis volunteer helps distribute food in bags widely distributed in the Quad to help serve those in need while helping to ensure safe distances. The photo is part of Karin Higgins' new project, ‘Pandemic Portraits.’

In the early days of California’s stay-at-home order, while people all across the state worked to adjust, Strategic Communications principal photographer Karin Higgins had an idea: Maybe she could carve out a chunk of time to do a portrait series of Aggies in their new normal.

Karin Higgins with camera
Karin Higgins, principal photographer in the Office of Strategic Communications, photographed faculty, staff, students and alumni for “Pandemic Portraits.”
Credit: Josh Sturgis

The result is a photo essay called “Pandemic Portraits,” and it captures how the faculty, staff, alumni and students are spending this time. It also highlights the silver lining each photo subject has found in this historic moment.

While the photos are beautiful on their own, the website they are displayed on was built from scratch to showcase Higgins’ work. Craig Farris, web manager in Strategic Communications, along with others in the department, created a design that gracefully leads the viewer through the photo series.

Higgins expressed gratitude to her photo subjects who openly “shared their lives with me.”

She added, “I have found that this pandemic has created moments of connection that might not have existed before.”

Check out her photo essay here: