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    Help keep the University of California affordable

    Today's students deserve the same great UC education as previous generations. Let's grow California together.

  • Take a tour of your thoughts with the 'Glass Brain'

    The Glass Brain is kind of like it sounds. It’s a colorful, 3-D window into all the mysterious activities that light up the brain.

  • Can we use Wi-Fi to see through walls?

    We use Wi-Fi to stay connected, but UC's Yasamin Mostofi shows that Wi-Fi can also be used to sense the world around us – even behind walls.

  • The Global Warming Facts You Need to Know

    Climate change facts you need to know

    Under current guidelines, the planet is on target to warm up by 2 degrees Celsius in 2050 and by 4 degrees in 2100, triggering serious large-scale problems by the end of the century. UC San Diego's climate scientist V. Ramanathan accurately predicted this trend back in 1980. He says that if we make an effort to adopt existing technology today, we might be able to change our course on climate.

  • Reaching smokers before lung cancer turns deadly

    UC Office of the President

    State tax filers can help fund cancer research, including studies to screen underserved smokers for lung cancer.
  • Love is in the lab

    UC Office of the President

    Valentine's Day comes just once a year, but love is in the air year-round on our campuses. Research on the psychological and physical aspects of l'amour is no mere flirtation.

    Take the work of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. Unlike Paul Simon (who lyrically detailed 50 ways to leave one's lover), they offer five ways to renew old romance. Gratitude — one of the center's core subjects — also fuels long-term relationships.

  • Human cost of climate change

    UC Berkeley

    Law prof's new book predicts a grim future for billions of people in this century.


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