UC graduate programs rated among the nation's best in virtually every category surveyed by U.S. News & World Report in its annual ranking of leading graduate and professional school programs.

The survey rated graduate programs in the five main professional disciplines of business, law, engineering, education and medicine. It also released updated results in the categories of public policy and the fine arts.

Graduate programs at each of the nine UC campuses considered in the survey had programs in the top 50. (UC Merced was not considered in the rankings as it is still too new a campus to participate.) One UC school placed among the top 10 in every category surveyed this year. UC Berkeley was named second nationally for its part-time MBA program. All eight UC engineering schools surveyed and all five UC medical schools ranked among the nation's top 100.

UC campuses also have scored highly among U.S. News surveys of sciences, arts and humanities, with several programs having been rated No.1 in the nation in their field.  The news organization did not release new data in these areas this year, but results based on earlier surveys also are available also available on the U.S. News website.

Few university systems in the world can attest to a graduate enterprise of such a collective strength, demonstrating excellence across virtually "every conceivable area of scholarship," said Steven Beckwith, UC vice president for research and graduate studies.

The rankings are based on expert opinions about program excellence and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school's faculty, research and students. The data come from surveys of administrators at more than 1,200 programs and nearly 15,000 academics and professionals, conducted during the fall of 2011 and early 2012, according to U.S. News.

UC campus rankings in selected categories are listed below. Find the complete rankings online.



    UCSF 5
    UCLA/Geffen 13
    San Diego 16
    Davis 42
    Irvine 44

Primary care:

    UCSF 3
    UCLA/Geffen 10
    San Diego 27
    Davis 24
    Irvine 86


    Berkeley/Haas 7
    UCLA/Anderson 15
    Davis 36
    Irvine/Merage 49
    Riverside/Anderson 97


    Berkeley 7
    UCLA 15
    Davis 29
    Hastings 44


    Berkeley 3
    San Diego/Jacobs 14
    UCLA/Samueli 16
    Santa Barbara 21
    Davis 31
    Irvine/Samueli 39
    Riverside/Bourns 64
    Santa Cruz/Baskin 87


    UCLA 6
    Berkeley 13
    Irvine 43
    Davis 63 (tie)
    Santa Barbara 63 (tie)
    Santa Cruz 71
    Riverside 67

Fine Arts

    UCLA 4
    San Diego 13
    Davis 27
    Berkeley 36
    Irvine 53
    Santa Barbara 93
    Santa Cruz 83

Public Affairs

    Berkeley/Goldman 6
    UCLA/Luskin 23