UC Davis Simpson

Credit: Emily Meehan/UC Davis

David Simpson, distinguished professor of English at UC Davis, is one of 29 UC faculty elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this year.

Twenty-nine scholars from across the University of California have been inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences' class of 2016. They are among 213 new members spanning academia, the arts, business and philanthropy.

“It is an honor to welcome this new class of exceptional women and men as part of our distinguished membership,” said Don Randel, chair of the academy’s board of directors. “Their election affords us an invaluable opportunity to bring their expertise and knowledge to bear on some of the most significant challenges of our day. We look forward to engaging these new members in the work of the Academy.” 

This year's new members bring UC's total membership to 540. By campus and classification, they include:

  • UC Berkeley: Andrew E. Barshay, history; Robert J. Full, interclass; Ulrike Malmendier, economics; Paul Pierson, political science, international relations and public policy; Scott J. Shenker, computer sciences
  • UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Robert M. Glaeser, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology; Jay D. Keasling, interclass; Barbara V. Jacak, physics; Eva Nogales, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology
  • UC Davis: Andreas Albrecht, astronomy and earth sciences; Ralph Hexter, educational, scientific, cultural and philanthropic administration; Christopher Reynolds, visual arts and performing arts; David Simpson, literary criticism
  • UC Irvine: Erwin Chemerinsky, law; R. Benny Gerber, chemistry; Margaret P. Gilbert,  philosophy and religious studies; Steven R. White, physics
  • UCLA: Robert E. Buswell, philosophy and religious studies; Robin D.G. Kelley, history; Steven E. Jacobsen, medical sciences, clinical medicine and public health; Glen M. MacDonald, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, demography and geography; Kelsey C. Martin, neurosciences, cognitive sciences and behavioral biology; Roberto D. Peccei, physics; Wayne Shorter, visual arts and performing arts
  • UC San Diego: Farooq Azam, evolutionary and population biology, and ecology; Jeffrey L. Elman, social and developmental psychology and education; Lisa Tauxe, astronomy and earth sciences
  • UC San Francisco: Michael S. Brainard, neurosciences, cognitive sciences and behavioral biology; John L. R. Rubenstein, neurosciences, cognitive sciences and behavioral biology