The University of California is stepping up its efforts to prepare new science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers for classrooms across California.

UC has joined 100Kin10, a national network that aims to bring 100,000 new science, technology, engineering and mathematics – or STEM – teachers into schools by 2021. The UC system and UC Santa Barbara are new to the network of approximately 280 businesses, nonprofit organizations, foundations and academic institutions nationwide, joining UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Merced and UC San Diego.

UC has pledged to recruit 1,700 undergraduate STEM majors annually to prepare for careers as mathematics or science teachers through the CalTeach program on all nine UC undergraduate campuses by 2020. Also by 2020, UC plans to prepare 200 newly credentialed mathematics and science teachers each year.

American students are falling behind globally in science and math, and the U.S. faces a shortage of students who are academically prepared to enter the workforce in STEM fields.

“The nation needs more great teachers to prepare students in STEM fields,” said Yvette Gullatt, UC vice provost for diversity and engagement. “We are committed to helping provide California’s diverse learners with the dynamic and high-quality teachers they deserve.”

The 100Kin10 network selected UC on the strength of its STEM and teaching expertise; clear, meaningful commitments toward the 100,000 STEM teachers goal; and dedication to building the movement to train the nation’s critically needed STEM educators. 

UC’s educator preparation programs recruit, prepare and support educators who are committed to applying the principles of academic excellence, equity and integrity toward the greatest achievement and opportunity for all students. This is particularly important in California, home to the nation’s most diverse K-12 student population.

CalTeach, an undergraduate STEM program active on all nine of the university’s undergraduate campuses, is designed to recruit and prepare high-achieving students for teaching careers. On three UC campuses, the pioneering program enables students to become credentialed teachers while they complete their undergraduate degree.

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