U.S News and World Report named nine University of California campuses among the best universities in the world in their first global rankings, with two campuses — Berkeley and UCLA — scoring in the top 10.

UC Berkeley ranked third and UCLA eighth in the rankings, which drew heavily on data related to research prowess, including such factors as scholarly publications, citations and impact, international collaboration, awards of doctoral degrees, and global and regional reputation.

Altogether, nine UC campuses placed among the top 130 universities in the world in the 2015 Best Global University rankings of 500 universities in 49 countries.

Ranked along with Berkeley and UCLA were: UC San Diego, 18th; UC San Francisco, 22nd; UC Santa Barbara, 28th; UC Davis, 37th; UC Santa Cruz, 63rd; UC Irvine, 66th; and UC Riverside, 127th.

“This is about faculty productivity and prestige,” U.S. News Editor Brian Kelly told the Washington Post. “It is meaningful for certain things and not necessarily meaningful for other things. We get that. This is about big muscular research universities doing what research universities claim is their mission.”

UC campuses consistently perform well in college rankings.

In U.S. News's national rankings, which came out earlier this year, six UC campuses were among the top 20 public universities in the country. UC Berkeley and UCLA were first and second, respectively, with UC San Diego, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara also ranked in the top 10, followed by UC Irvine at 11th.

In Washington Monthly’s rankings, which emphasize how well colleges and universities serve the public interest, four UC campuses placed in the top 5. UC San Diego ranked first; UC Riverside, second; UC Berkeley, third; and UCLA, fifth.