President Napolitano today (Nov. 17) released the following statement in support of International Education Week:

"In this era of increasing globalization, we must prepare our students to become global thinkers with knowledge, skills, and perspectives to interact in multiple cultures and analyze issues on an international level. Study abroad plays a vital role in achieving this goal and is crucial to a well-rounded 21st century education. The University of California is dedicated to cultivating global citizens by providing our students with opportunities to learn through real-world situations preparing them to be competitive in the international economy.

"Through our UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and campus-based programs, our system has a long history of facilitating study abroad opportunities through world-class partnerships in more than 50 countries across the world. Recognizing that cost may be a barrier to study abroad participation, the University of California is committed to offering every UC student the opportunity to engage in an international experience via dedicated scholarships and other resources.

"Students often describe their study abroad experiences as life changing. I can certainly relate to that and recall my own undergraduate study abroad experience at the London School of Economics to be one of the most exciting and enriching parts of my college career. As globalization continues to touch our lives in profound ways, the importance of study abroad to becoming a successful global citizen is greater than ever. I urge all UC students to consider a year, a term, or a summer abroad sometime during their academic journey and make the world their classroom."