University of California President Janet Napolitano reached out this week to thousands of low-income California high school students, urging them to take on more academic challenges and pursue higher education at UC.

In a letter sent today (April 2) to roughly 5,000 students across the state, Napolitano encouraged high-achieving low-income students to build a strong college application by enrolling in the tough classes that will prepare them for higher education, take college admission exams and seek out community service and leadership opportunities.

The letter is part of a new partnership between the University of California and the College Board, and focuses on students whose PSAT scores demonstrate their ability to do advanced academic work.

“We have a lot of high-ability students in this state,” Napolitano said. “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure they know UC is an option for them both academically and financially.”

Learn more about this effort here.