University of California President Janet Napolitano made the following statement today (Oct. 7) after it was announced that Shuji Nakamura, professor of materials and of electrical and computer engineering at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics:

“We honor and celebrate UC Santa Barbara’s Shuji Nakamura, who has been recognized with a Nobel Prize in Physics for his transformational research that has revolutionized lighting technology. He and two Japanese colleagues invented the technology that enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources, which promises to vastly improve the lives of people across the globe without access to electricity grids. This Nobel Prize, the 62nd awarded to a UC faculty member or researcher, underscores the paramount importance of research conducted at the University of California. Professor Nakamura's dedication to science, research and teaching are a hallmark of our public university. On behalf of the entire UC community, I join UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry Yang in extending heartfelt congratulations to Professor Nakamura and his colleagues.”

Professor Nakamura, who also co-directs UC Santa Barbara’s Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center, shares the Nobel Prize with Japanese scientists Isamu Akasaki of Meijo and Nagoya Universities and Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University.

“I am very honored to receive the Nobel Prize from The Royal Swedish Academy of Science for my invention of the blue LED,” said Nakamura. “It is very satisfying to see that my dream of LED lighting has become a reality. I hope that energy-efficient LED light bulbs will help reduce energy use and lower the cost of lighting worldwide.”