UC admits more than 113,000 students for fall 2015

After receiving a record high number of applications for the 11th consecutive year, the University of California today (July 2) released preliminary admissions data that demonstrate its commitment to the California Master Plan for Higher Education while aligning enrollment of new California undergraduates with the funding necessary to educate them.

UC admitted 92,324 freshman students for fall 2015 and an additional 20,921 California Community College transfer students.

The number of California freshmen offered a spot on a UC campus — 61,834 systemwide — should yield roughly the same number of enrolled in-state freshmen as those who entered in fall 2014. This year’s record high number of UC applicants suggests that a high percentage of them will accept their admissions offers.

“UC kept its commitment to offer admission to all applicants who earned a grade point average that fell within the top 9 percent statewide or at their own high school,” said Stephen Handel, associate vice president, undergraduate admissions. “These are excellent students and we will be honored to enroll them.”

The number of out-of-state freshmen admitted for fall 2015 was 15,173 — 1,711 more students than last year — while international admissions rose by 1,742 students for a total of 15,317. Nonresident students currently make up about 13 percent of UC’s total undergraduate student body.

Students who would be the first in their families to graduate from college made up 42.1 percent of admitted applicants, and those from low-income households were 36.4 percent.

The university admitted a diverse group of applicants for fall 2015 to both its freshman and transfer classes. While the proportion of freshman African Americans, American Indians and Pacific Islanders remained unchanged from fall 2014, the percentage of whites declined slightly. Modest increases were posted for Asian Americans and Latinos, the largest ethnic group among UC applicants and the fastest growing ethnic group among California high school graduates.

Among transfer students, the proportion of Latinos, African Americans and Pacific Islanders all increased.

Further details about the fall 2015 preliminary admissions outcomes can be found at www.ucop.edu/news/studstaff.html which includes an information summary as well as tables that offer detailed breakdowns by campus, residency and ethnicity.